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Acting Out: We Outgrew That Sort of Thing, now that we are adults right?

How appropriate and timely, this challenge would come to me the day after Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, I painted outside the lines with ALL my heart! Love was sprinkled everywhere in the form of red rose petals. Today, a challenge of the heart.

1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child.
When I became a man, I did away with childish things.

Maybe you have that verse down. (Good for you!) Maybe you have outgrown all of your childish ways. (Praises!) Maybe you are way past me in your maturity. (I hope so!) But for most of us, as adults, we “act out of our childish ways” still. . .we just disguise it with “I’m stressed out” or “secret sin” or “passive aggressiveness” or “depression” or “angry outbursts” or “displaced anger” or “he or she deserved it” or “life is not fair” or “I’m not happy, so I’m not going to let you be happy either!” or “What’s wrong? Nothing, I’m fine/denial” or. . .or . . .or. (There is real mental illness, which is a profound challenge. I want to be clear, I am talking about behavioral choices, not chemical imbalances and mental illness.)

We act out of :

What we know. . .

What we think. . .

What we feel. . .

What we can get away with (let’s be honest)

On a “good” day, the Holy Spirit intervenes and I listen and respond. On a “bad” day, my flesh over rides, the Holy Spirit promptings, like sending a text while I’m in the heat of hurting. The hard things in life build, and we think we are coping, until we “act out in childish ways” and everyone is challenged by our behavior, choices or words. We all do it, whether we admit to the “doings” or not.

And so. .

What are we to do with our “childish doings”? Ask forgiveness.” I’m sorry” touches the spot of injury to another, but the risk of. . .Speaking out loud, asking forgiveness. . . Now we are moving into Kingdom Depths of healing and growth. Humility must dig deep and high to ask, “Will you forgive me?” It expands our heart territory to put us at risk of another’s hand. It makes us vulnerable to another’s grace and mercy. It humbles us at the foot of the Cross. For the “injured party:” It gives them the opportunity to rise to grace of mercy. It gives them the sacred space to search into their “wounding” (whatever the proportion) and seek readiness to forgive. It puts balm for the hurt in their hands to speed healing and restoration.
The redemptive result, in His Kingdom and in our relationships, is increased intimacy.
The redemptive result is trust soars.
The receptive result is God  growing His Kingdom, one heart at a time.

Your behaviors are going to happen, somewhere with someone. The choice is yours, How you chose your words makes a Kingdom of difference. You can offer, “I’m sorry” and knock on the door of God’s Kingdom. Or, you can vulnerability ask, “Will you forgive me?” and swing open the door to explore KIngdom secrets of intimacy. Blessings on the later, listen for the resounding sound of the double doors swinging open the freedom of forgiveness.

 God forgive me my childish ways. I am working so hard to rise to the calling of this part of my journey. It’s not easy Lord, I get tired and I fall, time and time again. My Lord, will you forgive me? Bucky, will you forgive me my hurtful words?
Ashlyn, will you forgive me my hurtful words?

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