Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, February 17, 2013

I am so excited to share these with you! Have you ever been in a bakery with a friend? Your eyes, feast in the showcase windows. Your sense of sight takes in much more than you could ever consume! Even the largest sweet tooth would be screaming, in a “drown” of sugar overload! For most of us, our first instinct, is not to stare at the work of sugar art alone, but to share it with another. “Come see THIS ONE! Could we split it? Nah, only live once, I think I want my own this time!”

That is what we have here, a bakery of sensory delights. (I can say this, because I am only the presentation, not the creator :)) They are works of God’s art and meant to be shared. (You can splurge and take one, two or three just for you!) No calorie overload here.

Get a cup of coffee or hot tea, in your favorite mug, sit down in the sunshine with a friend and savor God’s goodness. Their is a unique intimacy about our Truths today. They call to be shared, savored and spoken. Drag one onto your desk top and then drag it onto an email. Or send it as an attachment. Or print it out and do it the snail mail way, and mail it in a note. Send it to someone you love with a personal note from you.

I present, but PLEASE KNOW, it is your eyes and your heart and your hands, that lift it off the page and bring it to life. Words mean nothing, until they are read and lifted into the palms of the reader to touch and feel the texture. Each Truth has it’s own texture, it’s own fragrance, it’s own calling to be shared. Lift, sensory savoring and sharing of His Intimacy.

Here is your window of sensory delights, waiting to be chosen and shared over coffee/tea and two warm hearts of
God’s Calling. . .

Let's Talk. . .

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