Bookmarked: Cross Roads, Wm. Paul Young

Okay, this man can really write. I read The Shack and could hardly get through the pain in the beginning. I had to skim it because I sink so deeply into words, my cells respond, literally. Now here I am immersed in Mr. Young’s words and i want to share these with you as they struck as deep chord within the silent song of my life that longs to be sung. . .

Page 41, Jack, explains to Tony, how he “knows” him. . .
“Knowing is quite layered. Even our own souls we hardly apprehend until the veils are lifted,
until we come out of the hiding and into the place of being known.”

Page 47, Tony struggles with his reality of separation from God.
“Tony, you would experience a sense of separation, because separations is what you thought was real. Real is what you believe, even if what you believe does not exist. God tells you that separations is not true, that nothing can ‘really’ separate you from the love of God-not things, behaviors, experiences, or even death and hell, however you choose to imagine it but you believe separation is real, and so you create your own reality based on a lie.”

What is Real?

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