Dear Savannah,

Dear Savannah, Today, we are making a post to honor your verse, Phil 4:13.

Did you know that you have though Christ, already accomplished three great tasks?

#1 You were born. My high school biology teacher told our class, that we had already done the hardest thing we would ever do. We have no idea what he was talking about. . .Then he told us being born and the process, the adjustments was the hardest thing we would ever have to endure! Ask your mom about the day you were born. . .

New Born Baby

#2 You learned to walk. The spine adjusts for humans to walk, upright, on two feet, It is a feat of great balance and momentum that were are driven to have our hands free to explore. Ask your mom about how you took your first steps. . .

Baby Walking

#3 Learning to read. The process of learning letters, their sounds and making sense of word forms and the sequence of a story is a major accomplishment. According to, nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. Ask your mom about the first books you read. . .

Girl Reading

We are proud of you and look froward to all the things, you will do through Christ who strengthens you! Growing up in Christ is a miracle in the making 🙂

Thank you, young one for the inspiration. love, tracey

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