Sunday’s Showcase od Truth, February 24, 2013

I’ve walked the oceanside just like that, with the wind whipping my hair against my face. The sea spray splashing with such power it wet my clothes. The water so wild with churning it was washing bottom sands ashore. I’ve felt at home there, as I whisper to the waters, “rage on, I know just how you feel.” It offered comfort to see heart responses reflected in nature. It just helps me to know that nature mirrors the human heart. Nature does not “hide” it’s “moods” behind a screen. It plays out for us to see and experience. Certainly, it can wretch terror, in hurricanes, floods, tornados, and tsunamis. It’s interesting that prayer rooted itself in the turmoil of the seas.

This I can tell you about our God. The sea can roar and thunder down it all it’s rage, but even the slightest, weakest whimper of prayer, rises high above the noise to be heard ringing the halls of His attention. Rest in that. He hears your prayers. . .

“Papa, My prayers are slight today. Without gusto, perhaps, low in confidence, but I”m still here. My voice still reaches in. . .Holy Spirit speak for me with confidence. Amen”

One thought on “Sunday’s Showcase od Truth, February 24, 2013

  1. Tracey,
    I wept as I read this. I remember the many times your generosity through the years has allowed me to share in the wonders of nature at the beach. He too met me there by the water in my need for rest, prayer and revelation after seasons of intense ministry. Your heart for the Lord expressed in your words has always encouraged me in my journey of faith. Again your words blessed me today. You are in my prayers and held in love.

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