Guest Submission: The Vacuum


Today, our post is dedicated to our friend, Brent and his honorable  practice of law within a strong heart for our Christ and in friendship. . .Please read Brent’s amazing submission below. . .

The entire day yesterday with the FDA, was devoted to ALS hearings on drugs and research. Yesterday, I was so on edge, I could barely stand up. All of my energy, and prayers were directed to this group of strangers making decisions about the quality of my life through what the FDA allows in research and medications with ALS.

I have meet and personally know Stephen and Barbara Byers,, that devote their lives for the promotion of treatments and a cure. They lost their young, and only son to this horrific disease. Now they travel the world, visiting clinics in search of the best the world has to offer ALS patients and they report to us monthly. Please visit and consider supporting They make strides every day in collecting information for our benefit. They traveled to DC to speak, personally on behalf of all of us yesterday. Knowing they were there, gave me a sense of a personal, potent presence speaking boldly for our needs. Thank you Barb and Stephen for making a Kingdom of difference in forging a pathway to a cure. . .Thank you!

I also, submit a heartfelt thank you to a wordsmith of law and the righteous perspective, to Brent. Brent submitted the following “comment” to the hearings yesterday. His words moved me deeply with gratitude for his time and law expertise in his submission. See it here below. . .Thank you, Brent!!!

“In a vacuum, the need for thorough and expansive testing of any medication or drug can not be underestimated. Nonetheless, things rarely, if every, occur in a vacuum. While tests are run determining the lifesaving value of medications, lives are lost for patients who have been waiting for those medications, in many instances, for decades. At the end of the analysis made by the FDA, a decision will always have to be made comparing the potential benefits of releasing a medication to the public against the potential harm of that same release. The basic truth in the world of economy that risk generally precedes reward is often evident in the drug industry as well. How much of a risk is a lawmaker or bureaucrat willing to take to gain the reward of saving the life of one of their loved ones. Obviously, in this day and age, no evaluation can be made without weighing potential legal consequences. Efforts by the plaintiff’s bar to bankrupt companies and pursue claims well beyond what is fair and equitable is stunting ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurship with respect to the development of cutting edge drugs in America. The person and or persons making the decision to withhold potentially lifesaving medications from people truly in need, should picture a loved one laying in a hospital asking for the medication. Weigh those odds and see if you come to a different answer than you have before today. I suggest that you will and you should. “

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