Dear Hope, Ashlyn, Megan and Kathleen, February, 2013, Loving Forward

Dear Hope, Ashlyn, Megan and Kathleen,

The best of a mother’s love moves forward. It is created to stretch into weaning from the breast/bottle, first steps, the first day of school, the first “bad” decision, celebrating successes, bandaids for broken hearts and skinned knees, tough academic challenges. . .The love grows until it bursts forth to release the “grown child” into the tough world. All the while, chances are the child never hears the silent prayers that have founded every pulse of love that poured over their lives. I’ve laid hands on you while you slept, I’ve held candlelight vigils in your rooms in prayer, I’ve uncovered toes and anointed them with the strongest faith I could call forth for you in the working faith that God kept stirring. He loves you more than I every could. (Far beyond most mom’s grasp). I’ve prayed with teddy bears, dolls, ponies and blankets. I’ve sent prayers so full of love, that I had no words, “only groans.” (Roman’s 8:26).

I’ve prayed with your prayer crosses, carried them in pjs (you know how I am about my pjs)  pockets and slept on top of them, so they were still warm with love all night. Also, committed my heart to pray for your spouses. The other night I had trouble sleeping, and when I woke, as clear as day. . .I heard the Holy Spirit praying on behalf of my heart for your future husbands. . .(each of you are so wonderfully independent, I should have known to start praying for these men while I was still rocking you to sleep ;)) Miles we rocked, that would have been well invested prayer time!  But I was often, so tired, I was sleeping sitting up and reciting my grocery list to Ashlyn instead of the story of the Three Bears and Goldilocks for the umpteenth time!

For each one of you, I asked for God’s divine favor. . .in men destined for them to grow into. . .

The Faithfulness of Moses
The Passion of David‘s prayers
The loyalty of Jonathan (He is one of my favorite’s if I’m allowed to have any?)
The Patience of Job
Joseph, in his robe of many colors, and redemptive, nurturing Forgiveness
The Wisdom of Solomon

I’m sure there is much more, but it is what I heard, so I whispered those prayers with all the love my heart holds for each of you. Today as I type this, I think how blessed you are all to have each other with such diverse gifts you bring to your table of sisterhood. You are all versions of Martha’s and Mary’s unique combinations and blendings and I pray that intimacy for all of you. Also, too, I pray for in your relationships, the joy of the Lord and love of each other Elizabeth and Mary shared in the pregnancies, with John the Baptist and Jesus, respectively.

In HIS LOVE and mine, mom

01 She Colors My Day by Amy Grant

12 thoughts on “Dear Hope, Ashlyn, Megan and Kathleen, February, 2013, Loving Forward

  1. Tracey Becca,
    Toby and I just devoured this beautiful, profound,Godly message. What a role model you are to all mothers and children.
    Hope you and Oochie aren’t laughing too much without me πŸ™‚ I’m jealous 😦
    With love and prayers,
    Char Mama

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