Guest Submission: Uprooted? Text Messages. . .

Frank's Tree:Manresa

Frank shared this via text on his silent retreat with me this past weekend. I wanted to offer it to you as a gift. I feel uprooted, pretty much every day of my life since my diagnosis. I am thinking of dear women that have offered their tender uprooted hearts with me. . . .working outside the home and so wanting to be rooted at home, a death, a failing business, a husband checks out, miles that separate loved ones, a marriage dissolves, a struggling child. . .etc. It is so important that we put our feelings up to God’s Truth. Feelings reflect the heart and need to be processed and heard. Feelings are not however, the reality of God’s plans of us. As hard as it is. . .I do not know your hard at the present moment. But, I know hard. . .And so today I reflect on my feelings of being uprooted where I was planted and hold the tough turned over feelings up to. . .

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Honesty, it is not about my understanding of this Truth to me or you in your current circumstances. It is Faith. It is Hope. It is Love. And for this moment in my life and yours, I chose to believe His promise. Even though I’d rather stay in bed and hide today, I’m getting up. . .I’m working toward our Women’s Ministry Conference, I’m cooking a favorite dinner for my family with the help of a dear friend. I’m moving forward. (There will be days when I snuggle in the security of my bed. That’s okay. We all need those days. But I cannot stay there.) I am made for more than my circumstances. Uprooted or not. . .I am made for life and so, dear friend are you!

I asked Frank if I could share our text conversation:

“I do and I feel uprooted everyday? Working on the connected part”

“Funny – to those of us outside looking in we see strong, healthy, deep roots, the kind necessary to keep, (albeit unseen & below the surface – still well grounded) life & love visible & shared, blooming vibrantly despite the realignment. Perhaps it’s not “uprooted” but “rerooted” – still planted firmly despite outward appearance. Notice all the life springing from the tree. Perhaps even more than had it been upright? Also notice that, even though the tree is now prone, the tree still reaches for the sun (Son), still giving praise & glory for its’ life? P.S. – that’s so you. . .

Thank you. It is so who we are called to be, but my “feelings” often do not reflect that. It’s messy glory to know, it’s our LORD shining past my feelings to speak His Truth. You are a great friend! 

Hey – glory is glory – & is shown in ways as numerous as the stars in the sky (God!) 

P.S. Text Conversations can make a KIngdom of Difference! Use technology well to encourage and build up. . .Thank you, Frank 🙂

4 thoughts on “Guest Submission: Uprooted? Text Messages. . .

  1. my baby is such a writer………. especially when he comes home from Manresa where he has had to keep all those words bottled up!! PS. Manresa is in Convent, LA on the River Road.

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