Are You a Mess or a Masterpiece?

Grab a handful of m and ms. (Dark Chocolate Peanut?) And let’s explore the mess (m) and (m) Masterpiece of life. Do you feel like you are a mess? Bad hair day? Your “schedule is off, again? You just can’t get your house under control? No breakthrough, yet? I thought I outgrew that yesterday? I still cannot forgive? Where did my patience go right after my “quiet time?” Same marriage patterns playing out? Your sleep is slight with school tests and projects all due at the same time? I really did not want to pass this on to my kids? Still cannot balance work, marriage and the kids? When will I learn to say “no” to another “thing?” How can I make relationships a priority? You cannot even think up another meal? The mirror you look into discourages you? Maybe some of you out there are so hurt, so disturbed that you would like to tear the whole thing up and begin again? Your boyfriend did not call again? I cannot take another rejection? I’ve lost count of this prayer request, lifted over and over again? Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!

We are messy. I am referring to my post, “Messy Glory.” But here is the good news. Messy is good, it means you are still being created  by God’s Hand. You are ON the canvas and His Brush Strokes are going to run, smear and change the life painting He is creating of you! An artist’s studio is full of splatters, splashes and speckles of colors and well used brushes. A clean brush, means it has not been touched. Do you want to be finished today? I don’t!!! Allow God to be messy in your life, with your life and through your life.  You will continue to change and grow into the beauty and good works he planned for you so long ago!

Your personal portrait is emerging under His Hand. Can you really be okay with “messy?” I suggest we learn together to be comfortable in our messiness. Watch for new colors, patterns, swirls and wonder to reveal it’s self in my life and in yours. If you are not ready for color, then let us sit in the grayness of your life and wait. . .the color will return. You are a Masterpiece in the making! Do you hear that Hope, Ashlyn, Megan, Kathleen? Your portraits will not look the same and you do not want them too! May we all celebrate the different colors, textures, and patterns on our canvas and on the canvas of the person you live with, love with, fight with and grow with. . .

This post is dedicated to the Design Team of our Women’s Ministry that lovingly create with His Hand for Glory and Beauty as offerings to our women! 

Thank you for your labors of love this Masterpiece Conference, 2013. Each one of you are dearly special to me:

Allyson, Candy, Janet, Jennifer, Gaye, Lacey, Missy, Nancy, Rebecca, Robin, Suzy, Viki

(I’m still a novice at this, so if you want the song, The Potter’s Hand, to play while you enjoy the images, click the play button at the top and then the first picture and then click the right arrow to go through at your leisure :))

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