A Feisty Faith?

This Post is dedicated to lovely Kathleen, 12 years old, as she begins the discovery of her own beautiful purpose in Christ.

04 This One’s for the Girls by Cadia

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Dearest Papa,

It’s your feisty girl here. It’s the kindergarten girl that stole baby Jesus from our school nativity and my mom found Him in my pocket and made me return Him (look how passionate I already was about your SON! LOL), it’s the girl that broke her mother’s vase and put it back “together with bandaids” (I already had a sensitive heart for “woundings” LOL), it’s the girl that pushed her bike to the speed limit and crashed on a dead end curve in brambles, it’s the girl that made pathways with the grass plantings in singular play at recess, it’s the girl that rode bareback with no experience with horses, it’s the girl that was teased relentlessly for her “hand me down clothes,” it’s the girl who wanted the highest vantage point so she climbed every new two story house within her neighborhood (before the stairs were nailed in place), it’s the girl that buried her daddy at 7 years old, it’s the girl that lead tree house neighborhood battles with stones the size of baseballs, it’s the girl that was always the last one picked for a PE team, it’s the girl that shimmied across a pipe over a deep cavernous creek, it’s the girl that found Father God in Psalm 23 in our home Bible, it’s the girl that went to state orchestra with her violin and knew no one, it’s the girl that tried out for a dance routine in a church musical and by a miracle of margin got it, it’s the girl that found Jesus in the music of Godspell, it’s the heart broken girl that got cut first in a poor attempt for a “high stepper try out,” it’s the girl that ran through her college streets in an antebellum dress when snow fell like magic flakes of a dream after Songfest, it’s the girl that walked into a church where I knew no one and signed up for a hospital clown ministry (talk about fun driving around in orange RED yarn hair! Oh, the looks and smiles before I ever got to the children’s ward at the hospital), it’s the girl that pushed to graduate magnum cum laude, it’s the girl that cried the whole way to her “New Orleans” honeymoon as she left her sister on the curb of her life, it’s the girl that breathed through the maze of three lamaze deliveries, it’s the girl whose pursuit of excellence received a national teacher’s award, it’s the girl that went diving deep after Steven Curtis Chapman‘s song and had that fourth beautiful daughter, it’s the girl that found the Holy Spirit in her “new church” and it’s leadings, it’s the girl that waited on Your righteous correction when her integrity was questioned, it’s the girl that took off on her own in New York in a taxi to explore our countries oldest Cathedral, it’s the girl that got on stage in Los Vegas for a magic trick, it’s the girl that went first time snorkeling in crystal clear waters of St. John, it’s the girl that walked across the London Bridge at sunset knowing her legs were trembling weak at best, it’s the girl that “loved” before she “leaped,” it’s the girl that committed to prayer when “love” was not received, it’s the girl that lead a Bible Study with only her love to lead, it’s the girl that read Your poetry on stage with an audience of one, it’s the girl that said yes to a stage conference creation with no idea what she was doing, it’s the girl that risked another friendship after abandonment, it’s the girl that loved hard after abandon and released daughters to London and Italy for the summer, it’s the girl that heard the call and moved forward in faith with a pure heart commitment, it’s the girl that reached past her own pain into another’s potential for life in Christ. . .It’s the girl that received recognition for courage in her “tiny as a church mouse” self, It’s that girl you hand formed, that founded some feisty faith in You in preparation for the fight for her own life, now, today, tomorrow. . .

God, I need a feisty faith. Especially now, I need a feisty faith to fight this disease. Father, I know so many women that need a feisty faith to fight rejection, loss, fear, health challenges, betrayal, drastic change, financial stress. I hear you asking all of us. . .“Are we gonna take life lying down when it rolls over us with enough weight to bring the interstate tumbling to dust? Are we going wait for a “break” or expect a “breakthrough in Christ?” (Susie Larson, more on her later!) Are we going to crawl without notice through a circumstance that strangles the air out of our lungs?” What about when I don’t feel feisty for You? It was “easy” for that other girl in her “youth” of life to believe the best? What about when I want to quit? What about when I cannot find You? “Have you not just listed some of our history? My Holy Spirit moved my feisty girl to grow 🙂 We’ve still got Kingdom Workings in process, young one. Bigger workings/Legacy workings. Live your life well. Do not live out of fear. . .Live. . .with feisty faith that commits your confidence to Me. . .  I’ll so try Papa. Your, t

Hebrews 10:35-36

Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.

For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.

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