Sacred Space

I’ve spent some time this morning, looking at images of friendship on google. I am SO visual and SO passionate about what the Lord can do with God-centered friendships, I fall into them and want to live there. I picked only one to share. (Like a kid in a candy store, it was HARD).


Image found:

There is something quiet and reverent and sacred I’d like to share with you that challenged my concept of friendship forever.

I was talking to God one day about a relationship that still felt dry. Do you know what I mean? I just could not “reach” this person. I tried all the “love languages” (Gary Chapman) and nothing seemed to get past that “wall.” She was so lovely in spirit and I heard God calling me to “reach out” to her but I felt like I was failing.

God said, “Did you put your toe in the door?”   Well, I tried, there was a tiny crack. . .” “It’s sacred space you know, her heart.” (I respected her privacy, but I don’t know that I’d thought about “sacred space.”) “Privacy is polite,”  He said. No answer came forth, God was just quiet and waiting for me to grow. “Am I like watching and waiting for a pot of water to boil?” I whispered. He laughed kindly. Finally, I said (out loud, might as well), “This is about YOU, not my friend?” Our time and space, slowed and softened. It was like watching a picture being edited with a glow and a blur in the moment. The concept came to me like the light that comes before the sunrise; gentle, expansive and warm.

“It’s about You FIRST,” I blurted out. My words seemed like a note that missed the mark. “Seriously, God how can anything I say, fit with your beautiful heart scape? My words fall flat like scribbles on a calligraphers workmanship.” “Well, what’s first?” as He changed the subject. I could not help myself, “Who’s on First and What’s on Second?”  I giggled quietly, not sure how He might take my words? “Thank God for your sense of humor!” He mused at Himself!  We both laughed, until we fell over into each other’s arms. We lay there, quiet for a while. . .

Then I felt it. I could not see or hear or touch or smell, but I felt the soft velvet embrace and I understood. I took a risk, to voice my understanding. “Any time I approach, in Your Name, I am to stand back and wait for You to enter first. I am to wait on Your invitation and then the invitation of the person. It is sacred ground. I cannot step into a heart space not prepared by YOU, FIRST.”

God,”I so understand this tender privilege and will honor it, for all the days of my life. I’m gonna need reminding.” “That’s an understatement,” He said, teasingly! “It seems to me this is going to take patience and I’ll not be going places, much. . .” I laughed at myself. (He was teaching me not to take myself so seriously!) “Put me FIRST and you will know Kingdom relationships under My Reign.”

I cannot explain it, but this conversation transformed my heart offerings. It’s never been the same since. There is a rich, authenticity to it, in HIS callings, that stir an opportunity for me to stand back. I watch to see what God is doing, I wait for an “invitation” and then I gently step in with an awareness on being on Holy Ground. (If I could, in the past, I would often slip my shoes off. . .) It encourages me to listen more than speak, to really want to “see” this person where and how they are with God’s perspective.

Moses on Holy Ground. . .The Ten Commandments Movie Clip

I forget, I blunder through and make plenty of mistakes, but my heart knows the sacred space of another’s heart scape. It’s God space first, and I want with whatever small blessing I can bring, to honor His presence first and then offer a reflection of Kingdom workings in the friendship.

So there you have my growth curve of sacred space with friendship. It’s the best I know and I’ve been well-tutored by many of you out there in the privilege of knowing you. Be blessed and let me know what you think. . .In His love and mine, twe

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