Ministry of One

One song can spark a moment,

Sunflower-59-F2FZ427GG1-1024x768One flower can wake the dream,

One tree can start a forest,

One bird can herald Spring.

One smile begins a friendship,

One hand clasp lifts a soul,1935684-3x2-940x627

One star can guide a ship at sea,

One word can frame the goal.

One vote can change a nation,

One sunbeam lights a room,

Candle-in-Dark1One candle wipes out darkness,

One  laugh will conquer gloom.

Author Unknown, “One”

There was a season in my life in which I really struggled with my purpose. I knew loving my devoted husband and my girls came first and I was fully committed and working that with all my heart 🙂 My girls were all in school and I wanted to serve outside of the laundry room and the grocery store. The Lord had filled my heart, like grape skins bursting at the seams, with a passion to serve HIM. But He would not show me where, when or how. I knew I was being prepared for something and I just had to wait. I got impatient, I plunged into what I thought was a calling, and it did not end well. 😦 So much for taking “matters into my hands.” I shoved my hands in my pockets and promised Him, I would not move a muscle until He put it in my lap, THIS TIME! For three or so years, I read, I prayed, I grew and I waited.

I did not wait in vain. One day I was walking and talking with Him and I heard, “Ministry of One.” I got so excited to finally hear something, I almost fell over my own feet. He was very direct when I heard the Lord say, “It’s not about a position. It’s not about a title. It’s not about training. It’s not about a committee. I’ve loved you well, now you will have little ministries of “one” to love other’s well.” I was so thrilled. What a great privilege to even attempt to love another “one” as HE had loved me.

I’m still richly blessed in a ministry of “one” although He has graciously and with great generosity allowed me other avenues of service as well. It’s fun. I call it “Kingdom Play.” It’s a hug, a prayer, a text, pay for the person’s coffee behind you (up the fun doing it in a drive through), an anonymous gift, a meeting, an email, a listening posture, a Blog post, a real snail mail letter, a blessing bowl, a smile when I feel like crying, a gentle touch when I’m too mad to say anything nice, light a candle and say a prayer, run an errand for a friend while you are in their neighborhood (like dropping off card stock!), clap when someone enters my home (I can’t jump up and down and run to the door anymore, so I improvise), give a book (or better yet, read it yourself first, write notes to the friend and then pass it to her), when I feel task oriented it is then I know it is a call is the be relational, let that tired mom with kids ahead of you in line, leave a happy note on a strangers car, save up your money for a expensive dinner. . .go to out reasonably and use the extra money to leave a generous tip. . .It is just “play” that builds His KIngdom One person/One thing/One opportunity at a time.

One time I was filling up with gas and it was very hot. I heard the Lord say, go inside and buy that policeman parked there a large coke icee. I argued up a storm, Are you kidding? He might yell at me or worse? Can you get arrested from approaching a policeman with food? What if he thinks I’m crazy? (I am crazy for you Lord, even listening to things like this!) I’m embarrassed Lord, Are you sure about this one? Well, I went in, bought it, took a deep breath and even, solid, steps to the state police car. His window was already down, so I just meekly said, “It’s a hot day and I thought you might like something cold. Thank you for serving us and God Bless You.” One great big smile and a huge thank you and I’m back in my comfort zone of my car. “Mission Impossible Accomplished! LOL” Time to go home!  (It’s Kingdom Significant to know that we know that we know that we have an “audience of one” : God. Big Daddy Weave has a song, “Audience of One” :))

What an awesome God we love and serve!!! Each and everyone of us has a “ministry of one!”

Will you live into it?