Horizon Film Hit: Oz: The Great and Powerful

Current Movie Out

Current Movie Out

Dear Readers: *****

I loved everything about this movie! Except the evil in it, of course. It is highly symbolic. Warning, it is frightening, especially for young children. The darkness and evil images could leave impression on young, tender minds. Honestly, even as a Disney film, with the intensity, I would not take my child under 10 years old. But, those of you that know me, know I am highly protective of what I allowed into my girls little psyches. View the trailer and use your own judgement. That said, let’s talk.

I will not spoil it for you. . .It’s goes from black and white to full color. That transition alone, speaks volumes about our lives and Kingdom Callings into full color lives. (A dear friend, sent me a text that said, “Use the whole box of crayons :)) It contains amazing references to the original Wizard of Oz and the story twists are nothing short of genius. The strongest story line I grasped was what “faith” in another potentially can call forth. . .

You will see the main character reference God, I’ll change, I promise. . .Just save me!”  My favorite quote, as best as I can remember it. . .Glenda says to Oz. . .

“You are not who I expected, but you are exactly what I need.”

Christ was not who they expected, they expected a warrior. Yet, He was just what the world so needed! This so speaks of the Christian walk and ALL of our relationships. As we get into marriages, friendships, parenting, even work relationships. . .It’s never what we “expect” and we can fall into disappointments or we can chose to believe God has sent us just what we “need” to rise into our fuller callings. Also, the “colorful responsiveness” of this kingdom on film. . .it calls forth our sacred imaginations toward heavenly yearnings. Ponder these Kingdom Truths as you watch what creative genius can do in the secular world of the Disney Film, that speaks beyond the screen to our sacred lives in Christ.

This is another one of my passions, finding the sacred in the secular. It’s speaks clearly all through this film!  Enjoy, let me know what you think. . .See it and discuss it. It’s worth your time. . .and your heart ponderings. . .

Tell someone, today, “I believe in you.”

In His love and mine, twe

Let's Talk. . .

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