Birthday Dedication: Char Mama

03 Happy Birthday

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We love you Char Mama!!! 🙂  This is a song to dance, to.. .I expect to see you dancing in your favorite apron!!!

We appreciate the privilege of calling you sister and part of our family! What would Toby or our family do without you?

You are a gift of humor, devotion, recipes and support!

Blessings and God’s goodness for another year in His Glories! Amen

3 thoughts on “Birthday Dedication: Char Mama

  1. Oh Tracey Becca, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful blog, the text and Bucky’s e-mail– they meant the world to me! It was a birthday that I will never forget–even in my OLD age 🙂 I’ll tell ya’ll all about it later. Today I am healing as I had a stomach virus that laid me low, but I am on the mend. Lost 3 1/2 pounds, so maybe it was worth it!?! More later. Hugs and prayers, Love you! Char Mama


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