Is Your Shell Hard to Crack?

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Image found: graphic     This  post is dedicated to Kathleen. I’ll always remember the day I was planting flowers outside and she brought an empty bird’s nest to me. It was nestled in her tender, cupped hands, her eyes’s sparkling with delight. It was one of those “last little girl” wonder-filled moments and it marked my heart forever. (The nest above was how my heart perceived the beauty Kathleen shared with me!) It was so special to me, I made that bird’s nest part of our Christmas Tree Traditions.

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.  C.S. Lewis

I’m still an egg. I just know it. I want to be a hatchling, but I suspect hatching is a lot of hard work and painful. Tender little bones with nothing but wet fuzz as protection on a tiny fragile body. A hard shell to crack into a new world.

Perhaps, here’s a thought. . .We won’t hatch until there is no longer an option?  It’s gotta be so tight and uncomfortable inside that tiny egg that the cramped space is enough to drive us into anything but where we are. What do you think? We are having a conversation here. . .You are responding in your head/heart in some way 🙂 At the point where there is no other choice, we do what our DNA drives us to do. . .peck our way through into the unknown. The baby bird  knows only the inside of the egg. I doubt the tiny being even knows a bird-like identity. Have you ever seen a baby bird just hatched? Let’s be honest, they are far from cute. Their skin is so thin, it’s translucent and their breathing is so labored, they look like each little heave, is their last. Appearances deceive, and thank goodness that holds for us as well. They don’t know the nest, hunger, momma or daddy bird, the sun, the wind, the rain, or the destiny to fly. Even as humans, What do we “know” of our destiny???

Let’s encourage each other through the shelled transition into our identity in Christ. No sense in pretending, it’s going to be uncomfortable at best. We have an identity to claim. We need to watch each other grow. We need to grow feathers worthy of His flight. We need to watch others fly into the blue skies of His Heavens. All the while, a desire is growing, unseen within us. . .a desire to stretch those wings and try our own lift into the winds of His wonder. Would it motivate us to move through the transition differently, if we knew the edge of the nest and our destiny into the blue skies?

I am thinking of my young daughters, here big time and how it feels to see them perched on the edge of my nest, longing. (It catches my breath!) Watching their older sisters fly the winds of their lives and waiting on their own feathers to hold them and lift them upward. The agony and joy of the launching young ones into the winds of wonder. . .I can’t put words to it right here. . .

The struggle to emerge and grow and then launch into our identities in Christ is a challenging journey into God’s Hands. Talk about  a change in perspective? From tree to sky? Just one short flight around and a bird is never the same again. It’s sky bound from that moment forward. . .For little hatchlings and for our destinies. Sky bound. . .I’ll see you up there, in the blue sky of His creation. Keep your eyes toward the Son, we’ll clear the tree tops and get a whole new perspective.

I’ll end with a quote today I wrote for my wall. . .

Faith in Flight, Wonder in Wind, Horizon in Him. twe

This is a picture of what Miss Sue blessed our walls with today. . .

Tree with Bird's Nest

2 thoughts on “Is Your Shell Hard to Crack?

  1. Look at you Miss Elaine, with your technology! I’m so proud of you, but in more ways than one! You are growing in Christ by leaps and bounds!
    See you in the “sky so blue,” my dear friend! twe

  2. Tracy, what a wonderful analogy. I can see myself still trying to peck out of my eggshell bit by bit but I hear the Lord saying, “If you listen to me I will make the pecking of your eggshell easier and then I will show you how to fly. Christ says let me be your identity.”

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