KIngdom Play: Woman’s Conference, 2013: You Are His Masterpiece

Click this link and watch it first (over 42, 222 views): Let it go in “as deep as it will go”:

Photos below, compliments of Allyson Fox and her creative eye. Thank you, Allyson!!!

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Ephesians 2:10

I did not know Kingdom Play could be sooooo goooooood. I look forward to it all year long. And last year, for the first time ever, we started planning this year right after the other one was over. Serving in community with women is so much fun. Making new friends and working side by side in those sweet comfort zones that are established over time is just one of God’s greatest gifts, ever! Waiting and Watching Him build momentum, bring ideas to fruition, and witnessing God show up to transform hearts is incredible.  If you don’t belong to a church, I encourage you to visit and find a church family.

We are made for community. God never meant us to do this life alone. I’ve done it both ways. I’ve done it “alone” without a church community and I’ve done it “companioned” and we are talking two different planets. Godly community makes the difference, well I’ll not mince words. . .Do we want “survival” or do we want “living?”  Abundant life? John 10:10  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the perfect community. We are the model our lives after their fellowship. (More on that late). My point is, don’t live life alone. Community can get messy, but it so worth “getting in there.”  I would not be “who I am in Christ” without the love, the “Kingdom conversations,” the opportunities to serve (and mess it up) and learn from those a step ahead of me. What a blessing my church family is. . .

Enough of my words. . .I’ve been like a horse at the starting gate, waiting to share a few nuggets from Susie Larson’s Speaking Engagement at our Conference. Susie Larson, is a radio host, author and national speaker. She hosts a daily talk show, “Love the Promise with Susie Larson.  Susie Larson Promo Susie’s website:

So Here is Susie in her wit and wisdom from just a few of my notes. . .

“God moves in proportion to His size”

“God is not merely concerned with what we do, but why we do it. A right act may be robbed of all it’s value in the sight of God if it’s done with the wrong resolve.” Arthur Willis

“Most of us run on a deficit when it comes to the love of God.”

“True humility is always linked with identity.”

“The journey you are on is Holy Ground.”

“If only you knew. . .The only thing that can hold you back is your own misbelief.”

“Shine a light, not about saving face, about saving grace.”

“She was looking for a break, God is after a breakthrough.”

From Susie’s new book: Your Beautiful Purpose:

1. Walk in Intimacy

2. Do the next thing He tells you

3.Give Him access to your story/fears

4. He will work a miracle in and through you

Be blessed, family, dear friends and readers unknown. Find life in community. Can’t wait until our next Kingdom Play. . .

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