Carry Your Cross. . .

This Post is dedicated to my first Seasons discussion group, ya’ll remember who you are and so do I 🙂 Always will. . .Love. . .

A  baby was born under the star of all stars, forever to change our destiny in God. A leader learned  “pinpoint scale/generously sized,” God allowed me to facilitate a Bible Study Group. I objected, “I’m not qualified!” He said, “Do you love my sheep? Do you love them in a unique way no one else can. . .?” “Well, yes, Father each person’s love is unique as is mine.” “Then, WHAT is the problem?” So, off we went with this great group I had of women, whose wisdom and insight far “out-weighed” mine. . .but I did follow His heart in loving them “well.”

It was one of those Kingdom Building Bible Study Semesters. Stirring Kingdom discussion, authentic hearts, exponential spiritual growth and His love showed up in Big ways every week. We celebrated our time together in a closing at Hemingbough Plantation. . .gazebo, Hemingbough, Plantation

We had a beautiful lunch under that very gazebo with a blanket spread, fresh flowers, and girl delights. (After we braved, a mother goose that tenaciously protected our passage near her nest! You would have thought she was going to eat us alive!) One of things that made this time very special was what we did in our prayerful closing. Without music, without color, I shared with them a series of black and pictures, I will share with you. Very appropriate for Good Friday, in that we are all called to carry the cross in our lives. Little did I know then, what cross God would  call me to carry. . .But it is what it is. . .And I have some insight into God’s purpose of it. You have your own cross to carry.

As the shared our “crosses” that semester,  The Cross/His Cross will carry us across into the land beyond our dreams, the promised land of milk and honey. . .So now I share with you in youtube form, what I shared with the women that day. With hopes, it will shed the light of the Cross in your life too. . .

Video under doeturner. Name of Song is not credited. I wish I knew who drew this amazing allegory of the Christian walk? Anyone know? It has 137,487 views. That tells us something about need doesn’t it???

I’ve asked, more than once, just to cut a “little more off” of the load. So have many of us, I would think. . .It’s part of who we are in our humanity, but we have a bridge to cross my dear friends. If I may, add something to the perspective here. . .When we call out for help. . .”Lord, it is too heavy, help me!” Friends, He has carried the weight of the world on His shoulders. What I see befitting the character of our Lord, is Jesus showing up. . .”Alone, it is too heavy, but with me, we can carry it together.” Now, that’s my Jesus and it is your Jesus! Jesus, we love you and thank you for giving your life for our eternal life with God. Amen

We are called to live into a beautiful love story only our God can write. . .I’ve yet to see a period this side of heaven because there are none. . .See you on the other side. . . In His Love and Mine, tracey

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