He Still Moves Stones!!!


New American Standard Bible (©1995)
“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying. Matthew 28:6


Nuggets from Easter Sunday, Sermon with Donald Tabb. . .

“No man takes my life from me, I take my own life from myself.”

“The stone was not rolled back to let Jesus out, it was rolled back to let other’s in to see the tomb was EMPTY!”

“No Cross? No Crown!”

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We had a richly blessed day with church and family/friends around our newly cleared off dining room table. We were late to church 🙂 We munched on Sean’s Breakfast casserole.  Our dining table was piled high with room renovation stuff, yes still, we finished a month or so ago, except Ashlyn took the “lovely project on. . .The lovely fountain has been cropped so you could not see the clay pumpkin from Thanksgiving. (Yes, the Lord, did ask me, “Do you seek to impress or to bless?” A little of both, and I cropped it right out!) Then I look at the basket and it “appears” one of the girls stuffed happy has horns! That’s a joke if you knew which girl. I opted to keep that in. . .Soon the table was filled to brimming with Carrot Souffle (Picadilly), Spinach Madeline with cauliflower/friend chef hands in the helping  (yes, they noticed the extra veggie!), Party Potatoes (my sister’s in law’s recipe and Hope’s fav), Cinnamon Apples (Honey Baked Ham Store), Ham: Same Store, Brown Sugar Turkey Breast, our cold layered cornbread salad (we forgot the corn). I did a little stirring, a little supervising, a little loving, but Meg managed to have it served hot and with grace at a young 17 years old. Kathleen dipped and dipped and found new things to dip in chocolate with her delight and you see the result. Bucky worked all weekend with Drew’s help to weed and spread pine straw. It looks so pretty and my sweet husband loves to sweat on the tennis court but not with weeds :(. So, it’s a major labor of love. Hope has major med school tests coming up so it was hard for her to come home with her sisters playing together in the kitchen, shopping for Spring Break, manicures, and cooking with me. But she took off with some good food to eat and is safely back with her Bella lovey. Our Friend, Connie cleaned up most of the busy kitchen. (We did eat dessert in paper bowls)
With all they did, why am I so tired??? 🙂

On a personal note, I experience the cross and resurrection, more personally now. That is all I can really say, cause I’ve not had quiet time with the Lord, except here sharing with you.

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