“Peep or a Psalm”? Luke 12:7

This Post is dedicated to “first sightings!”

Luke 12:7

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows. KJV

My nature is out-going but I did not do well with the neighborhood kids, there were a few friendships sprinkled in there, but I was an “easy” target. I had no idea how to take up for myself and I was picked on at times without mercy. I remember some kids locking me in a dark closet, climbing to the top and throwing things down at and on top of me. Fortunately, that is one of the darker memories . . .but I share that to connect to your darkness, your vulnerabilities. I was just a sensitive, tender kind of little girl and it made it hard to relate to the “typical” peer. . .God freed me from that closet to the outdoors for the Light and Color of His World of flight. What a contrast our Lord is in our humanity. . .

In God’s goodness, He gave an early provision. We had a widowed next door neighbor who loved birds and was an avid bird watcher. Thank you Father, it was a safe haven for me. He taught me early, the wood thrush, the red-breasted robin, the tufted titmouse, the cardinal and how to identify the males and females. What a blessing he was in my young, lonely times after my dad died and we moved to a smaller house.

Now, in that early provision, God brings to fruition, in my stillness, I watch birds flit and flight around our bird feeders. The little chickadees and titmice are shy and tentative. But they are regular visitors. Then, out of the blue. . .a first sighting. . . the Weight of His Glory in the appearance of a new bright yellow visitor: The American Goldfinch.

I’ve only seen the male once, but it brought such excitement. It was a bright gift! It inspired me to think on the song of “my life.”  I don’t just want to chirp my way through this life. . .I want to be a “songbird” in His Garden. I want to have a song that honors His Son/sun, the blue sky, the gentle rains, the safe nestings, the provisions held in His Hands. It seems to me the “chirp” and “chatter” and the “peeps” of most of the birds is back ground noise. . .but the psalm of a song bird rises above with it’s melodic praise. It’s takes it’s voice to lilt into the Spring-filled air and floats heavenward. It lifts the notes in “light” of it’s design. I really miss the “singing” voice I had just for Worship, but Abba Papa gave me a sweet friend who “sings” for me when she shares her beautiful voice. Perhaps her voice in union with the silent song in my heart is His Best for both of us. That’s His Grace and Mercy that reflects true Glory. Maybe I was just “peeping” all along, and just thought it was a song. I trust this is a new Psalm He is writing. . .in my life. He has one for you too. . .

Father God, May we be “light” in design yet “lyrical” in voice of Your Garden. Amen

 P.S. Welcome New Zeland 🙂

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