Roads That Cross: Courage+Fear

courage-11Courage calls deep into deep. I am very visual in the way I think, process, pray and write. So I’m offering a visual feast on courage. I related most strongly to the picture above, so I pulled it out separately. Courage “feels” differently, moment to moment. I know I don’t have the courage to meet my day, but my Lord has it in His Hands so I believe it is coming. . . Courage in our lives depends on the calling:

* to encourage deeply

*to stand when you might fall

*to live the life you never expected

*to live within God’s will

*to love what is unlovable in the moment

*to get out of bed

*to venture outside your comfort zone

*to feel the pain

*to risk trying

*your life is threatened

*to let something or someone go

*to wait for God’s Best

*to smile when the sobbing is just below the surface

*to be still

*to listen, with an open heart

*to hope beyond circumstance

*to serve with humility

*your children are threatened

*to offer your hand

*to look into his/her eyes

*to show up

*to experience the moment

*to love like Christ

*your marriage is threatened

*to imagine color when all you can see is shades of gray

*to trust

*to fall into God’s arms

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Find one, two or three below you relate to and ask yourself, why that one? What is going on that God is addressing in your life? What/When/Who/How and Why are you called to courage just beyond where you are now? Just a move into His Destiny for you, will make a Kingdom of Difference.

“Because a courageous faith=a colorful life.”  ~Linda Crawford link:   do it

One thought on “Roads That Cross: Courage+Fear

  1. I love your pictures and words for courage. I had never thought of so many different types of courage. The one that speaks to me is the pink background that says how courage is just that small voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow. This is the kind of courage God has called me to. Nothing elaborate…just a small voice that says get up and try again. I also like the cowardly lion because it reminds me that I already have all the courage I will ever need, sometimes I just don’t realize it. Thank you for your blog.

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