Are You a Solid or a Liquid?

1 John 4:8 NASB The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love

The greatest love spoken by Jesus was on the Cross. . .where the liquid blood flow of His life washed us clean of our sins. That blood still flows life into our relationship with God. Red love pulsing through our life-giving arteries into eternity. That would be a life-long aspiration of mine. . .”to be  liquid love in your life!”

 God’s love for you is a liquid. It is not a solid block of wood that just sits collecting dust, maintaining rigid shape and boundaries. God’s love flows and is constantly changing. The change is not about more of less for Truth tells us God’s love is a “constant.” What if God’s love is also about composition and concentration and coloration and creation???

I experience a liquid love from God into my life. It fits who my God is. . .creative and moving with my needs, my circumstances, my joys, my sorrows. . .So today, I challenge all of us to ponder and think about “God is love.” I encourage you to experience and share it as a liquid flow of love to your life. We are meant to flow and move and pour through our days sharing the colors of His love. . .

I ask you one of my all time favorite questions. . .What color is God’s love for you this very moment? Leave a comment at the bottom and we will create a spectrum of His Heart.

Experience the tiled mozaic and allow it to stir your sacred imagination and move your heart from a solid state to a liquid love that colorizes the world for His Kingdom.

What Color is God’s Love for You Today?

Welcome, France, Pakistan, Belgium viewers!

6 thoughts on “Are You a Solid or a Liquid?

  1. I love those tiles!! I so want to say pink, being that is my favorite color, but when I asked Pappa what color is your love for me today, I got green hope. I never understood why Romans 15:13 “May the God of GREEN hope fill you with joy…”, would use the word green to describe hope (The Message version). Maybe you could help with that.
    My first thought is with the green of spring blooms happening now, it reminds me that the winter is gone and the spring time is come. God is there in the Winter season, planting the seeds that I couldn’t see then, but I will see blossom in the Spring. Sorry for rambling out loud, Love Marguerite

    • Hey Marguerite, Green=Growth! Yes, Yes, Yes. Delicate pink is a sweet aspect of His love. I’ll look forward to hearing about the pink day! love,twe

  2. Thank you Dana, for sharing. I heard God counsel, wait for a response, to put your color out there! His color for me today, is yellow. . .liquid Sonshine! IN HIs Love, Tracey

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