This Post is dedicated to my dear high school friend: Connie. She shared this with me this week. . .

Open the gate of Worship and His Truth in prayer and enter in with me. . .We need each other. . .

~ Author Unknown

~ Author Unknown

Sit with Us

Sit with Us

Just show up and Jesus will move to the middle. There is always room for more in the Kingdom. love, twe

On a personal note: Stillness has been pressed into my life. I’d love to tell you I embrace it. Right? Wrong! I fight it, most every moment, I resist it with all my being. This does not feel like who I am. It is who I am in Christ. My theology is sound, but I have a divided heart. Of course I want to be with Him! But I also want to be in the kitchen making chicken enchiladas to welcome my kids home. I also want to be on a fun weekend with my pure heart sisters. I also, want to just spontaneously go somewhere for the weekend with my husband and just “Be” with him. To say these things are heart breaking, is to minimize the struggle I battle daily!!! There are no words to go there. .  .

All that said, and so much more I did not say, stillness is working it’s transformation on me. My Blog is here as a legacy of love, I was too busy before to put into being. My Book is playing in my heart and head. I invest time in prayer and heart passion that I did not have the focus to move into His heavens. I take nothing, and I mean NOTHING for granted. I’ve learned to “Be” in a hug, learned to “Be” with a piece of artwork, learned to “Be” present in the petal of  a flower, learned to “Be” in my husbands arms, learned to “Be” in a voice mail, learned to “Be” in a spoonful of chocolate ice cream, learned to “Be” comfortable in my bed, learned to “Be” immersed in the freedom of  warm water therapy and swim for life in my Lord.

I am learning to “Be” with those that help me, learning to “Be” when there is a mess on the floor, learning to “Be” when someone does it their way not mine, learning to “Be” while I am waiting, learning to “Be” when I cannot help my daughter like my heart bleeds, learning to “Be” when I don’t have the energy for what I want with all of me to do, learning to “Be” when I cannot help where help is needed, learning to “Be” when I see all the things that need to be done and I’ll not ask one more thing, learning to “Be” when I see someone I love and the words will not fit on my “word board,” learning to “Be” when I don’t “see” answers to my prayers, learning to “Be” when my body screams NO and my heart cries out YES, YES, YES. . .

As with all of our visits. . .It’s not about the ALS with which the battle rages.

It is about learning to Be in our circumstance and know He is God. 

Where are you pressed to just “Be”?

Welcome viewers in Sri Lanka. Be blessed and encouraged in our Lord 🙂

14 thoughts on ““Be”

  1. Tracey Becca,
    Toby and I will be there in Louisiana this weekend, and will see you on Sun. We are praying that your visit to the clinic will be a good one.
    Emma is making her First Communion in Lafayette Sat. at 4:30, so we will be there. We will get to see my sisters also, as it has been 2 years since we have been together. We can’t see you til Sun., as you will be in Houston, but we will be there for a much needed hug. Can’t wait to be with you.
    We love ya bunches!!!
    Toby and Char

  2. Tracey,
    Yes, I miss you and will soon call to visit. I want to hug you and hold you and feel that love of you just “being you” You express yourself so amazingly, so beautiful. I want to be that strong life in my legacy as you are in yours. I just want to “be” all the things God wants me to be just as you are “being” in your home. Just rest my sweet Tracey. My homework (from you) continues as work on my heart issues.

    My love in Him, Elaine

  3. To All of You Above:
    Thank you for your sweet words. They mean so very much to my sister, Tracey and me. “Be Still and Know That I Am God.” has been repeated in my thoughts for many years and particularly now. I am so blessed to have T. Hugs to all!

    • Dearest Lu, thank you for encouraging our readers. And therein, my lifeline. You are a strong vein of life in my legacy. XO I am oh, sooooo grateful to you for being by my side. Great love, twe

  4. I read your words and want to reach through the page and hug you! Like Kay said so perfectly above, you are powerfully present!! I’m so grateful for your wisdom and that you’re allowing God to speak through you, to us. Love, love, love you!!!

    • Thank you Liz, for responding with a hug. I felt it. And need it 🙂 Putting my life within His on the offering in this Blog is the only way I know how to journey this with all of you and my family. love, love, love in return. tee

  5. This morning I prayed and prayed for you and talked to God about ALS and healing. He was quiet but I know my prayers out live me. I hardly know you but feel so connected in your writings and pictures and I put them in my bible. Know you are loved dana

    • Dana, what a tender response. Thank you for it. It means so much because I do allow, my conscious intent, for my heart to flow into the Blogs. I want it to be a conversation that moves all of us one step closer to eternity now. What a blessing you endowed upon me with putting a picture or two in your Bible. My offerings are therefore, held with the Hands of His Love Letter to us. There, they find their home in our God’s heart. I’m sure your very best, most becoming pic is smack dab in the middle of God’s refrigerator! I feel close to my readers too, like you when their is a response 🙂 Thank you for the love, back to you. Dana

  6. Thank you for just Being….in the moment, storming Heaven in prayer, speaking truth. You are more powerfully present than ever.

    • Thank you Kay for your encouraging response. This concept of To “be” in Him is the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced. God is and will make good on His promises. It’s the only way to live in this world with our faith. Much love, twe

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