“There, there. . .” Said Piglet


A.A. Milne: genius on our humanity and a wordsmith of the highest penmanship. Appreciating his stories: Stimulates our sacred imagination, Gives wisdom on need, Gently stirs humor, Enables understanding of the best of friendships, And it bridges our “child-like” faith in perspective. Honestly, I think it has more to say to us as adults, than the endearing sweetness from our childhood.

It is maturity that allows us to explore the depth of love’s simplicity.

If you don’t feel like you’re God-given self today, “There, There, my friend, their is warm tea coming and companionship that will see you through until you do.” Don’t we all need just one friend like that? Honey in our tea on a tough day? I pray, so pray each of do. . .

Who do you most relate to today? Pooh or Piglet?

His love and mine, twe

4 thoughts on ““There, there. . .” Said Piglet

  1. I’m just a little “Pooh”. Memories of Mother, you and me lying in bed reading Pooh stories, laughing, brings such warm feelings.

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