Teenage Birthday Dedication: Kathleen is 13!

It is my honor and my privilege to be your mom! You are my blessing and my gift from God! Happy Birthday! I’ll never forget the excitement of your sisters as they came from school to see you. I’ve never seen a room light up with so much love when they laid eyes on their new baby sister! A bond of sisterhood was sealed at that moment. God will see it through and finish the good work He began in all of you and continues on in your lives! Lord, thank you for sisters! Amen

KMay: I love you more than all the words, a picture can paint!!! XO Forever, Mom

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4 thoughts on “Teenage Birthday Dedication: Kathleen is 13!

  1. When we saw you Tracey and Kathleen, and Bucky at one table, a halo covered the three of you – as one. You were beaming and she was so loving in her looks at you. The love of God wins out again, over and over. Thank you for the privilege to see Him in you! Love has everything to do with everything!

  2. Tracey Becca,
    Toby and I were so glad to visit with you and Bucky yesterday. So sorry not to see the other girls. Kathleen is so grown up and so beautiful. The pictures of her evoke such special memories. It seems like yesterday that we were handing her around at the beach, taking turns at holding her.
    We are eagerly looking forward to more family time with all of the family at the beach. Only 6 or so more weeks!! Can’t wait! Let me know what ya’ll want to eat. Half the fun for me is planning the meals. Nuts, I know–but then no-one would argue that point! 🙂 right?!!
    Thanks for all that you are,Tracey, and all that you do for EVERYONE you meet. You are one of a kind–God’s very best work!! I feel so privileged to call you family, “Sista” and friend. God bless you, special lady.
    I love you bunches!!
    Char Mama

  3. Oh my goodness! Some of those pictures (e.g. her running through the backyard in bubbles with that long beautiful hair) made me tear up…It’s crazy to think back on those days. It makes me realize how much she really has grown up. Because in so many ways, she is still the little 4 year old singing “Man I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania to me. I’m so blessed to have been older when she was born and to remember all of her firsts and milestones so vividly. You did good MOM!

    • Hope, I know, me too! They made me cry too! Time is so slow, yet so fast. It is great for you to remember so much of all those little firsts and that baby precious curly blonde head! Thanks for reading. ..and being there! love, mom

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