Roads That Cross: Joy and Sorrow

The concept was birthed with a quote by Murphy Toerner:

“Joy and Sorrow are fraternal twins.”

I live here now. Everyday, every breath, every pulse of my life intersects at the center of His Cross. I want to saturate the ground of this life with my tears. I want to rattle the gates of heaven with my joy. I want to live every moment to it’s fullest offering from God’s Hands.

Image edited from:

Image edited from:

The joy is as vertical spire that shoots heavenward and shakes up the pulse of life and shifts eternally in heaven’s workings. The sorrow is a horizontal beam that knows it’s boundaries. It shakes up the foundation under our feet but the aftershock shocks are temporary. These dynamics contradict our experience. It feels as if moments of “joy” are fleeting that slip from our hands and hearts before we even know they are there. It feels as if “sorrow” will last “forever!” Sorrows are part of this worldly journey, but joy stretches out vertically into the heavens and breaks forth into the light of God’s presence forever.

Psalm 30:5 Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

For me personally, the intersection of both of these dynamics in my life is a constant place of tension, every day, every night, every moment. It is a reach that stretches my heart in all directions at once time. I want to dance for joy in the grace of a young women growing and I want to fall to my knees with the innocence of baby pictures. It is awareness that permeates every cell of my being that life is extravagantly rich with the depths of love, beauty and gratitude.

I live here now, where at any moment, I want to burst open with joy, or shut down in despair. The joy limits the sorrow to it’s horizontal plane. The joy carries the weight of God’s Glory.The joy extends, endlessly into the heavens to call forth Kingdom workings in me and, with God’s grace and mercy, in the people around me.

Joy wins in our Jesus, but only if we allow it to have it’s victory. The horizontal plane of sorrow is part of our temporal journey here. The vertical plane of joy is our taste of heaven to lead us into enternal spires of our heart desires in our Lord and Jesus.

Joy, here we come, forever and ever and ever! 😉

Burst of Joy by Lucy Arnold

Burst of Joy by Lucy Arnold 

I want to resemble her creative impression at least one time in my life here, don’t you?

Direct Artwork link to Lucy Arnold:

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