Honor: Part III Personal Application

KKDL Surprise School Presentation

I know I gave this concept, three posts in one day. This is a huge “bandstand” for my heart. I doubt my girls have ever heard me talk about it, but Oh I hope they have experienced it or witnessed it with enough clarity to recognize it. If not, it’s not too late. I’ll get right on it. Starting with this post.

This post is dedicated to bestowing honor on my daughter, Megan. With deep regard and respect, your mom and dad.

The concept of honor: How often do we even use that word, more or less experience it or offer it. We are really missing out friends. The parenting article is correct, “honor changes people and relationships.” Bakers’s definition frames it in Kingdom terms for us so we understand it is not something to be entered into lightly, honor is a weighty matter.

We are to give weighty honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ. That sense of honor we bestow upon our Sovereign God, is also meant to communicated to one another. What are we doing with this dynamic? Ignoring the Kingdom Building Potential is has in our marriages? In our parenting opportunities? In our life-giving ministries? In our “chosen” friendships?

I’m going for the bottom line on this one. I think we under utilize honor because, we don’t understand it and feel others have to earn it in some high degree have to earn it. None of us, or rarely few of us will ever “warrant” honor in our simple lives, but does that mean we are called to live our lives without it??? No. God longs to Honor who He created you and I to be. . .God does not wait for perfection to honor your creation in Him. So don’t you and I have to start somewhere?

Honor is something we grow into. . .Receiving it, Offering it, Experiencing it. . .

*Honor your child because he was honest, not because he is 100% truthful

*Honor your spouse because he or she works hard, not because grumpy is not all over their demeanor

*Honor your parents because they made some attempt to love and provide for you, and yes, they left you wounded 😦

*Honor your body because it is God’s temple, not because it resembles anything in the media

*Honor that friendship because it was chosen just for you, not because he/she never hurt your feelings

*Honor an effort to do something right, even though it was fraught with mistakes

*Honor the teacher that makes you crazy, they have something to teach you

*Honor a faithful employee, even if he/she is slow to learn

Honor is something we are called to “play/experiment” with. . .

*Write a note, I want to honor your _________ with my appreciation

*These flowers are just my way of honoring your _________ in our friendship

I’ve noticed others seem to honor your __________. I respect that about you too

I want to honor your sincere efforts with your _______________, left’s celebrate

You honor God in the way you __________________

Our family feels honors with your friendship. Thank you for how you _________________

Who you are in Christ is not unnoticed by me. I’d like to honor how you ________________ with a small surprise

How can I best communicate honor to you, the father of my children?

How can I best express honor to you, the mother of my children?

Honor is something that starts moving God’s Kingdom the moment you press into it and it continues moving the Heavens into Eternity.

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