Hurried Hands

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We’ve all got them: Hurried Hands. Where did we learn that faster is better? Ann Voskamp refers in her book, One Thousand Gifts, that rushing through life is for amateurs. Well said. I know, I know. ..we have to be proficient and efficient with our time right? We have so little of it? Less than our ancestors had? Less minutes in a day or do we just try to stuff more stuff into our days?

You might think, easy for you to say, you have time to spare. Not really, I live with the same hour glass you do. The sands of time run the same for all of us, with or without the awareness. What do hurried hands do? They might “accomplish more” but what do they speak of. . .The hurried hands says silently, I have something more important to do, so let me rush through this diaper change, or this meal, or this conversation, or this meeting, or this quiet time with God. . .so I can move onto the next thing. The hurried hand diminishes the moment for the next to pummel through into the next, into the next. The hurried hand spreads itself so thin, that no one gets a thick slice of life.

To quote Wiki,

Hands are the main structures for physically manipulating the environment, used for both gross motor skills (such as grasping a large object) and fine motor skills (such as picking up a small pebble). The fingertips contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the body, are the richest source of tactile feedback, and have the greatest positioning capability of the body; thus the sense of touch is intimately associated with hands. Like other paired organs (eyes, feet, legs), each hand is dominantly controlled by the opposing brain hemisphere, so that handedness, or the preferred hand choice for single-handed activities such as writing with a pencil, reflects individual brain functioning.

 The hurried hand can take opportunities to slow down. What might happen if just one time every day, you slowed your hands down to turn a page, or listen with open hands, or make love with intention to bless with your hands by touching another’s life. Just one time every day, make something by hand: a card, a cookie, a call, a caress, a creation of flowers, a constellation of care, a color of calm, a candle of concern, cupped in communion, or cradled in conversation with our Lord, Jesus Christ?

Shortly, after my diagnosis, Bucky and I were sitting on the back porch, and he picked up my hand to look at it and caress it. It was a tender moment for both of us and for a long time, he said nothing. Then out of the quietness of his heart he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever really seen your hands before. . .the hands that changed so many diapers, that have lovingly served me and stirred countless meals. What beauty in the simplicity of your hands. So beautiful.” Touched in thought, I wondered at why it takes such a earthquake in perspective to “wake us up” to what life really is. . .A friend of mine, wife of an ALS fighter, said recently with longing. . .”You still have your hands.” As she touched mine, her sweet voice softened, she looked away and said, with great weighted awareness, “Hands can do so much.”

Your hands can do so much in the monument of your moment. Just once today, take the hurried gloves off your hands, and make a memory that will make a difference. A Kingdom of difference, that leaves a marker in time, that your hands graced to God’s Glory.

In HIS HANDS, your twe

4 thoughts on “Hurried Hands

  1. A beautiful tribute to hands. One of my most sacred memories was the day I saw that my hands look like my mother’s did. I had never pictured myself being her age. It was a humbling experience. Oh how your blog stretches and blesses us! _\../

  2. Tracey, so beautiful! I am using my hands and time today more intentionally, showing God’s love to the special people in my life. You are so right. Rushing dimensions our acts of love, and makes others feel less important. Writing notes today! Love you!
    Kris Ann

    • Kris Ann, Thank you for reading. Praying for your special beach time. Thank you, Father for our hands that move with Your Heart. Amen Love you too dear friend! twe

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