My Dreams

I woke this morning and I must have been dreaming of stars. Most of the dreams I remember these nights are full of emotional processing and huge drowning waves. But I know, my God and know those are NOT HIS dreams for me.

I cannot recall, His Faithful Sketchings during the night, but I woke to evidence of His Hand, drawing and writing into the my story. God gave all of my girls, meaningful depth of their identity in HIM with Bible Verses and symbols. I can feel the pulse of His Goodness and His Dreams for them, in each one. What an incredible gift!!!

Ashlyn, my second daughter, her symbol is the star. It came to me in New York, in an old cathedral. This cathedral, I toured on my own, (yes, I took a taxi in New York City alone!) it was a God-given mission and I knew it. (Little did I know it was way on the out skirts of the city and it would be hard to catch a taxi back to the hotel!) This cathedral was so large that even steps echoed and it had dozens of side chapels. I wondered into one and almost fell to my knees. There engraved in marble, hundreds of years ago,  God gave me Ashlyn’s Verse and her symbol.

So, I woke up with light and love on my heart. I’m going to share something near and dear to my heart. My text to her this morning. You see, this is so much bigger than Ash, or myself. Everything about our God evolves into love, if we allow it. And so God’s sketchings in my dreams evolved into a love language communicated via test message (how else do we talk to our young adult daughters when they are not at home?:)). . .sent to Ashlyn. . .

“Good Morning, Ashie: If I could, I’d wait until the darkest of nights, reach for the highest and brightest star I could find. . .I’d wrap strong fishing line around it and attach it to your bed post. . .For the nights when you need a night light or a reminder of who you are in Him. . .You could pull the star in close for God’s illuminated warmth and then let it back to it’s divine distance in the sky, only when you were ready.”

Ashlyn’s Bible Verse: Daniel 12:3

“Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven,

and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.


God’s Dreams for each of us, speak into our lives. Sometimes just a little awareness in the darkness of night, calls them forth. . .Blessings in your nights for HIS dreams for you. 

LOL: My first piece I played on my violin in fourth grade, was indeed, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. What a God, Who loves with intention!

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