To Learn To Count Again. . .

One Thousand Gifts Journal/Nest

Ann Voskamp, in her DVD Study:
A Dare to LIVE FULLY Right Where You Are
one thousand gifts (her book is a worthy read)

As is her Blog:

Ann challenges us to learn to count again, not loses, not our checking account, not the number of shoes in our closet, but our gifts. The blessings the most probably go unnoticed in your life. Blessings that lead to a thankful heart that stir joy, in all circumstances.

She refers to these gifts as Holy, Ordinary and Amazing.

She says, “The height of joy is dependent upon the depths of the
eucharisteo” (Greek Word meaning, grace/thanksgiving/joy).

“Writing it (keeping a list of your blessings/gifts) down, is like unwrapping love

“I see frames of my day.”

“A running stream of consciousness.”

“Naming (the gifts/the blessings) helps us define God’s Identity, our identity.”

I’ve been keeping a list of my own.

My kavod (Hebrew for Glory of the Lord/Heavy in Weight) list is now over 1,500 now. (I lost 500 in a cell phone hiccup but have tried to recover some of them.)

From my Kavod List Book II

#4. Four week old Alaskan Sled Dog Pups. We are holding would-be champions!

#47 A surprise mini white chocolate bunt cake at my side door.

#67 Buying a Christmas Gift way ahead of time.

#106. Bucky’s Strong Arm

#175. Heating Pad where it hurts

#199. Meal eaten with gusto. People back for seconds.

#216. A Day Well-Lived.

#246. Reading a book for another, notes, underlined and pondered with them in mind.

#369. A bright yellow American Goldfinch: a pinch of sunshine at my bird feeder

#396. A peaceful nap.

#400. “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” C.S. Lewis

#441. “Hey love,” edge of my bed, 2AM, with a sip of cold water for my parched mouth.

#501. Dollar Store Dates, my favs!

#532. One more successful ANYTHING!

Names your gifts and watch joy become part of your identity in Christ. List your gifts and experience more of God’s Goodness. Count your blessings and see numbers rise into the heavens. (I stop listing while other blessings linger just because I’m tired at night!)



Warmly and Generously supplied as a free gift from Ann Voskamp’s Website. Thank you Ann for your giftings and your gifts.

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