Made To Do!

Made To Fly - Ephesians 2:10


Isn’t Mike Waters amazing?! No copyright infringement intended here. Michael D. Waters gets all the credit and if you visit you will make my day and yours. You will be so blessed. I want to get this site out there for more people to enjoy so their website needs an “air traffic internet controller” to make safe mouse pad landings. 🙂 He gave us permission to share his cartoon blessings any time, so you will be hearing from him again. Thank you Mike for generosity!!!

This so speaks to me. I was beyond fascinated with kites and balloons as a little girl. I liked it when the helium began to seep out of the balloon and it moved with life based on the air currents. It seemed alive to me as it would rise and fall and float through door ways into different rooms. I took my first flight all by myself at 13 to see my sister in Maryland. No fear, just eyes glued to those huge wings! Oh, how I love to fly, off a swing at a high peak, hot air balloons, biplanes, little planes, transcontinental planes, sea planes, snow planes, Walt Disney World’s Soarin, (Yes, they had to pull me off kicking and screaming!)  Well, I tried to exit with some form of adult dignity, but I had my neck craned all the way back to see who was getting to ride next?!  Just get me up and off. . .Oh, the take off . . .

What are you MADE TO DO? 

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