Ten Minutes for Tea Time?

This youtube is dedicated to Hope. She will know why as she watches it 😉

I was given a gift.  .  . (Thank you Gayla/Curtis for arranging it): A “Stander” It pumps me up to a standing position with support. I started last week with only 4 to 5 minutes standing. Over tiring with ALS leads to safety issues, so we have to be careful. But more research is showing the importance of movement, muscle memory and work even with ALS weakness.

So here I am in all my workout excitement, a full 10 minutes, standing today watching the above you tube I twe:stander:6-13shared with you. I’ve always had a thing for keys. Especially old ones that have no known key hole. It goes back to one of my favorite movies still, “Secret Garden.” So I share with you the glorious grandeur of Delores Develde and Alberto and Kimberly Rivera and the simple ten minutes of my day investing in life.

My words to you are going to take a bit longer. (Any where from two hours to three days depending on where God leads us!) In my sacred imagination, I’ve got an old large key ring, that holds the secret keys in my life. They all await just the right key/lock combination to unlock the answers to my secret questions. I keep it near to me in my deep and large “prayer pocket.” I never know when I might need to take a key off the ring to try in a lock or add a new key that awaits. . .

The sound we all know well. The sound of a key opening a lock to open a door to open a space to open a room to  open a dream to open a future to open a Truth. It started me thinking about our secrets:  The Truths. . the futures. . .the dreams. . .the rooms. . .the spaces. . .the doors . . .the locks. . .the keys that remain yet. . .


God holds the Master Key to all my secret little locks. . .but I’ll share a few. . .

How did “two sets of parents” (Mom, Dad, Lucie/Sister, Toby/Brother) prepare me for some tough heart blows?

Why did I have more grass patches to follow at recess than friends in  lower school?

Where did my imaginary friend, Casper go, that always rode on the fender of my bike?

How did I magically get moved out of that mean teachers 5th grade class to the warm fuzzy teacher, Mrs. Bertrand?

Does Mr. Ginn, my biology teacher know he changed my whole academic future with simple encouragement?

Where did all those anonymous pink carnations come from in high school school on our fund raiser day with no name?

Was there even one girl in church choir who did not have an all out crush on Mike?

How did I manage to keep 1st violin chair all through high school when I really did not deserve it but loved having it anyway?

Why did I almost fail advanced math in high school while tutoring geometry?

How come Grant did not ask me to Junior/Senior Prom but did not attend either?

Was it God’s divine purpose, my senior year of Godspell performance in the LSU Union, to steer me into Bucky’s arms with a red, silk rose?

What made me think that I would be more successful in college in ballet class than I was, even pass/fail in badminton? Really?

Did Bill really mean to miss my wedding? Did he ever get that letter I wrote to him to thank him for standing in as best boy – – – friend?

Did Gods hands personally create my wedding day crisp, cool weather and dancing Fall leaves? (Did I remember the say thank you???!!!)

What made me think I was smart enough to teach Hope to read?

Where did I get the energy to keep up with Ashlyn?

Was the purpose of making a night owl to keep up with Megan as a colicky infant?

What crazy depth from Steven Curtis Chapman‘s, “Diving Deep,” created Kathleen?

Did I really think I could organize a New Horizon’s Sunday School Class retreat and anyone would want to come?

Why did I always try new recipes on guests with calm nerves? (Well, maybe I have this answer: Bucky had the pizza delivery place on redial!)

When I helped with a Season’s Bible Study, did I know it was only for a season?

Where did God get the idea of me playing a ditzy angel in our SIP Summer Study?

What does friendship play sound like in heaven’s gardens?

Would I have fathomed the honest and trust in a group of women with Pure Hearts Workings?

Are the colors in heaven infinite in intensity?

Could I ever have imagined the redemptive giftings from the devastation of a untreatable disease such as ALS? (Such as the faithful 24/7 service of my devoted husband?)

Does God keep all of our creations for His Glory for perfection in heaven like a gallery of our love?

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One of my favorite verses:

Matthew 16:19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

9 thoughts on “Ten Minutes for Tea Time?

  1. Tracey Becca,
    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful thoughts with us. Having seen and heard you play violin so beautifully, and at such a young age, I know why you played first chair. Melba was so-oo proud of you!! So were we, and we still are!
    See ya in 4 days!
    Hugs and prayers,
    char Mama

  2. Tracey, what a beautiful song and video. The colors were so vivid and bright, it’s hard to imagine colors being any more beautiful in heaven, but we know that they must be. Thank you so much for allowing us to go on this journey with you. God’s glory shines bright through you.

    • Sherry, isn’t it wonderful? The words to the song in communion with the inspired art work is so full of Glory. I don’t feel very shiny at the moment, I’m glad HE has a polishing cloth! love you so, twe

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