Mistakes Are Opportunities


Just A Sampling. . .

*I stole baby Jesus from His manger scene and brought Him home in my pocket. (So I started my divine love affair early 😉 My mother made me return Him!

*I broke my mother’s vase and tried to fix it by taping it together with bandaids and I stand reminded, I told my mother, “I cannot tell a lie, Ooochie did it!!! (My sister Lucie)

*I broke a friend’s mother’s post on her four poster bed swinging on it

*I got married in a treehouse at the age of 9.

*I pretended to take a bath, ran water, got the bath mat and towel wet

*I was driving my car, (my brother graciously gave to me) speeding in the rain, hurrying to an appointment, lost control of my car and broke the front axle in half when I hit the curb but stopped right before the light pole.

*I got so mad (thanks Sally for the kind reminder), I looked in my closet, picked the least deadly shoe, and hurled a tennis shoe at my husband’s head. Just for the record, I intentionally missed and hit the wall next to his head.

*I kicked my dog when he snapped at Hope’s baby face.

*I fed my children undercooked chicken fingers one time, and thought I’d beat myself to a pulp before time demonstrated their tummies were just fine.

*I’ve misjudged, and denied God’s warning and gave a letter that was terribly misunderstood.

*I’ve sought to impress rather than bless until I learned the difference.

*I’ve forgotten God in the really great times, and clung like His ONLY best friend when I’ve needed Him.

*I’ve listened to really “good” gossip. And then prayed twice as long for the people as a penance.

*I’ve said, “I’m sorry” because it was easier than the humility standard of asking, “Do you forgive me?”

*I’ve hidden my real self to “maintain” an appearance of everything is great

*I’ve allowed myself to selfishly be offended when it was the desperate hurt of the other person that was doing “the talking.”

*I’ve been too lenient and too strict with my daughters, but they do know they are loved.

*I’ve allowed me thoughts to control my feelings to control my actions, when taking my thoughts to be obedience of Christ would have averted misbelief for me and pain for those around fear.

*I’ve listened to worldly lies rather than seeking God’s Truth about my identity in Christ.

*I’ve not made my health a priority and neglected my faithful husband.

*Today I allow fear to take hold, rather than hope to take flight.

Learn from your mistakes and be better because of them, not in spite of them.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covered a multitude of sins. 1Peter 4:8

My mother use to always say, “love covers a multitude of sins” and then I found it in the Bible.  Indeed, it does thank you, Jesus. This post is dedicated to my mom, Melba Smith Warren, a gifted wordsmith, especially with poetry.

Welcome my Belarus readers. I’m learning some World Geography 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Humor and Mistakes :)

4 thoughts on “Mistakes Are Opportunities

  1. Tracey Becca,
    Loved remembering some of those “misnakes”, as you used to call them. I had forgotten about you stealing Baby Jesus. Still laugh about the vase with the Band Aids, and you telling your Mom, “I cannot tell a lie. Oochie did it!” Poor Lucie got blamed for everything. 🙂
    We will all be together at the beach in 4 days!!! Can’t wait! Got back from last night from DC with two friends who went with me. We had a ball!! Kids were wonderful, loving and so generous. Hazie and little Charlotte were precious. Stef, Tak and Tuc all cooked for us, and I gained 3 #!!! Yuk. the beach won’t help the scales either—but what the heck. Nobody looks at old, fat, white haired women anyway. 🙂
    See ya soon!
    Hugs and prayers,
    Char Mama

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