Lost and Found, Update #2

It took a couple of days to talk Georgia down from the palm tree. It seems she liked the view from up there and felt secure hidden in the branches. She is still struggling through the lost and separation trauma.

Alyssa, the little girl that found her, was the only one who could talk her down with a soothing, gentle, coaxing voice. Now,Georgia has joined in our family fun and will soon be sporting a deep south, southern bronze.

Welcome, Georgia to the family “beach time.” We hope you like to stay up late/sleep late, watch movies, play card/games, play mexican train, eat round the clock, try new recipes, revisit old favorites, enjoy having two little fur balls run over/under/around/through you, and a little sea air and sand just might get into your trunk.

Georgia Update #2

I see you are wearing sunglasses and sunscreen, a must this time of year. Good girl!

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