Promise or Pretense: Watch

Shell: Ps 59  9

Let’s make this personal.

The dynamic of “watch.”

Women attending a function, shower, conference, first day of class, party, movie, etc. . .Will often say, “Watch for me?” It’s always a question that begs for answer. “I will.” And there is security in knowing someone that knows you will watch for you (even in a large group of people).

And then there is that known dynamic of intimacy in a small or large group when your boyfriend, husband or best friend is in a room with you. They keep you within their circumference of awareness as people circulate. You know where each other are at all times.

As we walk the shores at the beach, we watch for that precious find. A rare shell that washes up glistening at the water’s edge. It elicits a jump and a squeal to snatch the treasure before it washes back or someone else sees it!

So, is Psalm 59:9, a pretense of a promise?  We are told that God makes promises and keeps his promises (Biblical Flood and His Rainbow). (Have not seen an Arc passing through our beach waters). It’s a promise. Let’s take the intimacy of His watch as a promise. 

He watches for when, where and why you show up. He keeps you in the circumference of His protective eyes-scope. At every opportunity, He watches for you to wash onto the sandy shores of His thoughts for you. Scoops you up AS HIS RARE TREASURE.

That is what you are a treasure worth watching, waiting and  working for. . .”Did you let that go in?” (Murphy Toerner) “As far as it will go?”


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