Tea Time: July 31, 2013


Tea Time will hold prayer requests this time. . .Our Journey with ALS
*Hope for research/treatment/cure
*Perseverance for my husband
*God’s Best for my four daughters
*Moment by moment courage
*Loving my husband and girls well today and beyond into eternity
*Houston Clinic Medical Visit Thursday/Friday
*Slow/Stop Disease Progression
*Well-Being for my family and friends
*God’s Glory and His Kingdom Growth
*God’s Time

I don't have words to offer God, only a dream of who I might be one day. . .

I don’t have words to offer God, only a dream of who I might be one day. . .

Artwork by Delores Develde

Sixth Grade: I Met Aslan and Lucy, Part I

I read the Narnia Series, in sixth grade (read it again with my girls and yes, enjoyed it more each time we read the full series) and feel deeply, madly in love. I did not know as a child, what longing was growing in me. Aslan, mesmerized me. I wanted to be Lucy. I identified most with Lucy. My imagination played out a Lucy-likened heart in the woods of our neighborhood.

I began a search for Aslan. A sensitivity to where I might find Him. A longing to follow His tracks. A playful need to bury my face into His mane. A desperate need to fathered.

I’ve spent a life-time yearning to express a child-like love of Who is Mighty in the face of my fears, in the realtime of my relationships and in the Grace of His Goodness.

I hope you enjoyed Lucy’s voice, her facial expressions, and the careful way she navigates for Aslan to make Himself known to her.

We are all children of God. All of us, no matter how old we are, no matter our circumstances, no matter how “mature” our lives, the “child” in us enters in on every moment. Are you aware of the needs of your little boy or little girl? He or she speaks whether we give them a voice in our growth or not? Longing for security? Listening for love? Hoping for affirmation? Aching for encouragement? Restless for play? Needing nourishment? Delighting in wonder? Hiding in fear?

The older I get, the more painful of life circumstances, the more the Truth calls to the little girl in me. It calls my “little girl” out of fear and insecurities while prevailing on her to keep her sense of wonder, a future worth moving forward and coming into her own in God’s time.

The last time I watched this youtube, I was in a processing group and I thought I was healthy.  I was able to enter into it fully. Tears, Chills and in love with the divine dynamic. I was tumbling in the forest with my giggles ruffling Aslan’s mane. Watching it again, today, was different. I felt a hint of the wonder and delight but I know the battle now. All too well know the battle. 24/7 battle.

The Truth is we are all living the battle dynamic:  Either entering one, existing one or enduring one. The scene that struck me today was on the bridge where Lucy draws her knife and Aslan’s comes to her side and blows the enemy away with a roaring righteous rage. What do I do with that? I don’t know, yet. I just know, God is using it to speak







All of us have a Peter, Susan, Edmund, or Lucy at their best in us. It’s worth another read! I promise! 

Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, July 21, 2013

Yes, today is Monday, not Sunday. And it is July 22, not the 21st.
I could not post the Truth yesterday. I will not enter into pretense with my Lord or with you. I saw it, the beauty brushed past me, the words rang empty. If I pretend with God, He knows better ;). If I pretend with you, we miss opportunities for Kingdom conversations and communion. 😦 You see, we are having a conversation here. It’s not one way as it appears. You are thinking, responding in your head and heart. Agreeing, disagreeing, stretching just a bit at best. And so, I’ve waited.

Remember, we talked about the importance of waiting/weighting. I believe God tells me my heart for His love letter to me is worth the wait/weight. I want to tell Him, His word is so special to me, I will not open the seal of His love until, I can take a shaky finger, at best, and touch His will for me. I was not waiting for my feelings, to come around, I was waiting for the Honor His penned Hand calls forth to move me. And I will wait to share with you until I can draw the deepest authenticity I have to offer to you of my journey, so it speaks into your journey, at some point, just maybe. . .

So here we are, and God used what He knew would keep calling me. A red balloon. Call me with childlike awe, trust and wonder. . .just crack those doors. . .into His presence.

1John 2:5

If I Could Speak Into Your Darkness With a Gift:    1John 2:5.

Psalm 118:29

If I Could Lift You Higher Into His Presence With a Thought: Psalm 118:29

1John 3:1

If I Could Lavish You With the Beauty of His Love, I’d Present a Bouquet of Fragrance 1John 3:1

Now. . .Pull One of These Gifts, drag it from my Blog to your desk top and email it/Pinterest it, to someone that needs to hear from God’s love letter and from YOU. Imagine if every reader did that, in that very moment, the heavens would shift with the love gifted through His Word.

Horizon Hit: Cadence of Heaven

Morning. . .I’m whispering my hoped for askings today. Ask and it will be given to you. I’m seeking in the dark today. Seek and ye shall find. I’m knocking loudly with bruised knuckles today. Knock and the door shall be opened. Matthew 7:7

My needs lead me here (our needs are meant to lead not drive us). .  .To share with you. . .

In the whispers, in the searchings, in the knockings: God reveals the cadence of heaven, marching orders, more of Himself to draw me through this key hole of light I see from the distance. Watch with me, listen with me, open the possibilities in your own life. . .It is not as it appears. . .God works in mysterious ways. His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8)

Make the choice with me, to allow this into the life-giving marrow of where and who you are today. 

Kimberly and Alberto Rivera, And Artist Delores Develde Offer Divine Inspiration to Us in Cadence of Heaven

Fabric of Friendship: A Stitch in Time

This post is dedicated to my fellowship of Christ: Friendships that God has used to teach me the fabric of friendship, stitches in His time, and what carries the wait/weight of Glory in relationships. Thank you dear friends, I hope you *know that you know, that you know WHO you are. . .

Can you guess my favorite slide?

My friendship conversations are limited at best. This is a huge loss/grief producing place in my life. They are going on all the time in my mind and heart, but they are shared, in very limited discourse. Emails, Texts, Boogle Board, Notes written on my phone, occasional typed out words. . .It just is what it is. I don’t know what to make of it. I have less to say, fewer answers and I prefer to listen. It’s just part of this journey. And in it’s frustrations and pains, God means me for me to  make the best of it. God help me and  YOU.

If I may share a text conversation in part with a friend:

“You are texting great stuff I’m so thirsty to interact over, but I can’t right now. CanI pick up my thread tomorrow? I’m so glad to hear from you :)”

 My Response: “I’ve tucked the needle in the fabric of our friendship to be picked up later. 😉 You are worth the wait/weight of Glory”

The fabric of friendship is woven in wait, pieced in place and stitched in time. Waiting is much more than we allow it to be. The wait can carry the weight of Glory. Waiting has the weighted potential value and to make space for what is meaningful and Kingdom Building.

Waiting for color and pattern to emerge, waiting to pick up the needle and piece what God brings together. It won’t look like you expect it to quilt out, but we have to ask ourselves, does that diminish the beauty? Because the pattern does not meet our expectations, we fail to see His Hand in creating it? God help us. . .to see. . .

Needle and thread

Needle and thread

And here is just one aspect of what carries the weight of inside Glory into the wait outside the wall. . .

“YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT (weight of Glory). “

Have you ever received those words, intended to strengthen you? Have you ever offered those words, intended to express the weight of glory another carries? They are words that enlarge perspectives, change lives, shift Kingdom dynamics and pierce relationships with stitches of Glory. Stitches that piece color and pattern to resemble the face of Christ. And yes, the piercings of the wait/weight of Glory, draw blood. Life blood that heals and speaks Jesus.

Make it personal:

It’s worth waiting/weighting for your smile to return.

Even though they are late again,  he/she is worth the wait/weight.

The character in that child, is worth the wait/weight.

The wait/weight of disappointment is worth what comes.

Intimacy in marriage, is worth the weight/wait to trust.

Loneliness is worth the wait of companionship.

Questions to Ponder out with the Lord:

What carries a weight/wait in your life?

My response (I don’t have answers anymore, only humble responses): legacy of love

Do you tell God, He is worth the wait/weight of glory?

My response: Not yet 😦

Who, what, when and where for which you would wait/weight a lifetime?

My response: My Lord’s Embrace, A marriage that honors my husband, daughters that appreciate and encourage their differences in a sisterhood with the Lord, a best friend, to speak of word of Kingdom difference, To enter into the Kingdom as a child, Kingdom play, To share a life of joyful gratitude, Healing.

*”know, that you know, that you know” ~ Murphy Toerner/Murphism