Cool, Calm and Collected?

Keep Calm

Cool? Calm? Collected? Not.

I want God’s calm as a balm over my restless self. I may appear calm, but perhaps I’m just trying to check out of my anxiety, my struggles and my tension with life as it is now. I am wrapped up in what I think is my fight. I am armored to survive. I am flanked by false beliefs that I have to battle this one (who am I kidding, just one???) out on my own.

I have to battle out this. . .

separation anxiety

move from bed to wheelchair

 missings that ache to my hair tips

 loss of who I was

transition into health hurdles

daughter’s heartache

 husband’s stress

 need to love well beyond

 passage of time

 numb hope

stillness that suffocates

fists of frustration

on my own. . .???

Not even one could I raise a battle flag against. So I come to my knees again and wait for His Sword to rise for me. His Sword to rise for you. His Sword to rise against what I can and cannot see on the battlefield. Might as well ask Bucky to add banana and chocolate ice cream to my smoothie. I think I’m gonna need it 😉

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