Extravagant Grace?

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Pinterest Inspired
Visit zsazsabellagio.tumblr.com

The workings of the human heart, convicts on the need for extravagant grace. The experiences of  suffering and love, shines on the need for grace to extend into dark, unkept corners. Extravagant grace that shifts Kingdom Light is intentional, it’s intimate, and it’s a language that beams into the cracks and crevices of a broken heart. I love chandelier’s. . .with crystals. They reflect light from outside as well as generate their own. (I love prisms too.)

For grace to contain the rich extravagance that changes lives, it must reflect the love  of our Jesus and then we must extend the light from who we are in Him. We are given today, endless grace from our Father. Spend it all in one place. I think I know where you can get some more. . .

How different would your work place be with extravagant grace and deadlines? A family dinner table with extravagant grace and tired children? A child’s report card with extravagant grace? A friend’s disappointment with extravagant grace? A marital conflict with extravagant grace? A messy house with extravagant grace? The wrong words at the wrong time with extravagant grace? Late again with extravagant grace? Same needy tears with extravagant grace? A teenager’s car accident with extravagant grace? Illness with extravagant grace? Money stress with extravagant grace?

 Make it personal.

Think right now of a time, you needed grace. (Every minute of my day today) What did you receive? Was it crumbly grace that feel apart in your hands and covered your feet? Was it meager grace that caused your eyes to rush to the floor to hide the shadow of tears? What it just enough grace to cover the surface until you could leave the room? What might that moment have been like with extraordinary/extravagant grace? If the person from which you needed the grace,  poured everything they had to offer over you until you were saturated from head to toe?

Would you be different? Experience God differently? How might it affect the relationship? How would it change your concept of receiving and giving grace?

Oh to be in the room, lit with the light of extravagant grace. . .We serve a God of extravagant GRACE!

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