Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, July 14, 2013

1-15 Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus)  I have a very personal relationship with this song. It means a great deal to me and is one of the few worship songs, that brings me back to the throne room, all soft putty in His Hands. It’s a very intimate share with you. . .At one time I knew how to worship it in sign language and would offer that to my Lord in our quiet times together. In His Love and Mine, twe
Jeremiah 9:24Isaiah 26:8James 5:15

5 thoughts on “Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, July 14, 2013

  1. Awe Mrs. Tracey – thanks so so much for sharing… Come to Jesus has a special place in my heart as well…. I truly feel the Lord’s presence surround me when I hear this song. So many wonderful memories. Thanks again for sharing. In His Love and mine,

  2. Oh, Tracey. This is such a special song to me as well, and when I lost both of my parents – in the last 4 years – these beautiful words filled my mind and heart. Like Liz above, I knew that they each were flying into the arms of Jesus, and they are living with their Lord and with each other eternally. It brings tears to my eyes – I miss them so much – but these are also tears of joy from the Hope that lies within us all as Christians. Thank you for your wonderful, meaningful, heartfelt daily posts. —Judy Snow

    • Hi Judy, How wonderful to hear from you. Some of my best Dunham memories are with your choir in New York. That was a rich vestment in the lives of the kids but ALSO Judy, in the lives of the parents. One of my greatest, most cherished times with both Hope and Ashlyn. What a life changing experience Carnegie Hall is. . .Thank you with a sincerely grateful heart for those times of handwork and true excellence for our students. You are sincerely missed! I’m glad you know the posts offer some blessings. Love, Love, Love the journey of the Christian heart in that song!!! What anointed workings. love, twe

  3. Tracy,
    This is a very special song to me also and so glad it means that much to you. I’ll share with you, since you shared intimately with us, that I wasn’t there when either my Dad or Mom left this world; but I ALWAYS picture them when I hear the last verse of this song and it brings me such peace when I picture them “flying to Jesus and living”! Love you!

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