Three Points on Suffering

Dear Readers,
I know many of you are out there suffering. Some of you privately, some of you more publically because your circumstance is widely known.

I want to share just three aspects I’ve learned about suffering. Speaking ONLY for myself:

#!. It scrambles your life is such a way, only your deepest truth survives. My deepest truth today that has survived the onslaught of lies thrown at me is: I love God and God loves me.  I may not feel the warm fuzzies of trust and embrace with Him. . .But I cannot and will never turn my back on Him. My deepest Truth about God, is no matter what this “looks like”. . . God is love.

The greatest of these is love, so if I can cling to that, and only that, I’m on solid ground, even if I feel as if I’m sinking.

#2. Suffering: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is misunderstood. It does not ask for: an EMS rush to the scene, a fix, the right word at the right time, a pep talk. It does call for : a presence to be still and allow who the person is, where the person is and how the person is. . . ., relationship, remembrance and patience.

#3. It changes people forever. They will never be the same, nor does God mean them to be the same. They are deeper, perhaps quieter, more focused, vulnerable and in time, I believe they have greater clarity on life as God intends it. Let the old person go. Wait, watch and encourage the new person to emerge from the fire. They are refined and a treasure of great worth.

#4. Okay so I fibbed! I needed to add a fourth one. It does not stay this hard. God will not leave you in the heart-wrenching place of deep suffering. I read somewhere or someone told me, (if you know the “who” of it tell me!), that as we “bleed” in our suffering, Christ puts His scarred hand on our heart to stop the bleeding, and the pressure of His Hand temporarily intensifies the pain. What a beautiful picture of our Christ and His Hand in our healing.

I share this short youtube by Greg Laurie on suffering with you. Well done, to the point and contemporary. I “met” Greg Laurie via a youtube video that brought a new believer into God’s family with prayer and great love. I’m sure this will speak to you, as it does to me. He has many other sermons and videos available. I’m going to listen to his full series on suffering. I have much to learn to live this well with love and joy to spare with my family and friends. I refuse any less than God’s best for the lives around me.

Please click the link below. . . 🙂 Time well invested in Kingdom Workings. . .  .


7 thoughts on “Three Points on Suffering

  1. The video is powerful and I will watch more of it, but your words speak volumes to me. Every time I read one of your entries it bleeds with wisdom. I say bleeds because I believe it is only through pain that we do find our true selves and earn our wisdom. You are right, things are never the same…you are changed forever through suffering. What you can learn about yourself from it is phenomenal, life-changing. Your entries make me cry Tracey. They are so beautiful, heart-wrenching, encouraging, powerful and speak the truth, no matter how raw it is. Thank you for teaching me! I love you.

    • Shannon, thank you for the patient to listen to me talk to much while we were growing up! LOL You paid your dues, cousin! 🙂 I am glad this post was meaningful for you. Your response encourages me, it is often at some heart risk, I share my growth points with as much authenticity as I can manage in the moment. Your comments blesses me as does your support and family forbearance of life’s trials. I love you so much tooooooo! Had to get a little “verbiage” on you! 😉

  2. Tracy, your love for the Lord and your desire to allow Him to reign in your life is such a testimony! You are leaving a great legacy in the life of everyone you touch. Prayers and blessings to you tonight.

    • Monica, thank you for reading. This was a hard post to write. It’s just a hard subject, but I know the will of God is that we learn to “suffer” with hope and to be compassionate with His heart. Blessings back to you! twe

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