Hope: Share A Verse

Hope by Share A Verse At WordPress.com

Hope by Share A Verse
At WordPress.com

The Verse that struck me after a tough day yesterday was

Hebrews 6:11

And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of HOPE until the end. 

Blue Letter Bible Strong’s Number Reference that gives insight into words in the verse. . .

And 1161 we desire 1937 that each one 1538 of you 4771show 1731 the same 846 diligence 4710 so as to realize4314 the full assurance 4136 of hope 1680 until 891 the end 5056,

Diligence: with great ernest

Assurance: complete  confidence

Hope: expectation

What do you feel with ernest? What do you pursue with complete confidence? Do you live expectantly?

I know how to feel and purse and expect. . . Am I there today? No. But I can encourage you, It is a possibility for the human heart to embrace life in Christ as the desire. . .for each one of you. . .

Let’s encourage one another, even if we are not “there” today, there is mercy anew tomorrow.

Let's Talk. . .

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