Fabric of Friendship: A Stitch in Time

This post is dedicated to my fellowship of Christ: Friendships that God has used to teach me the fabric of friendship, stitches in His time, and what carries the wait/weight of Glory in relationships. Thank you dear friends, I hope you *know that you know, that you know WHO you are. . .

Can you guess my favorite slide?

My friendship conversations are limited at best. This is a huge loss/grief producing place in my life. They are going on all the time in my mind and heart, but they are shared, in very limited discourse. Emails, Texts, Boogle Board, Notes written on my phone, occasional typed out words. . .It just is what it is. I don’t know what to make of it. I have less to say, fewer answers and I prefer to listen. It’s just part of this journey. And in it’s frustrations and pains, God means me for me to  make the best of it. God help me and  YOU.

If I may share a text conversation in part with a friend:

“You are texting great stuff I’m so thirsty to interact over, but I can’t right now. CanI pick up my thread tomorrow? I’m so glad to hear from you :)”

 My Response: “I’ve tucked the needle in the fabric of our friendship to be picked up later. 😉 You are worth the wait/weight of Glory”

The fabric of friendship is woven in wait, pieced in place and stitched in time. Waiting is much more than we allow it to be. The wait can carry the weight of Glory. Waiting has the weighted potential value and to make space for what is meaningful and Kingdom Building.

Waiting for color and pattern to emerge, waiting to pick up the needle and piece what God brings together. It won’t look like you expect it to quilt out, but we have to ask ourselves, does that diminish the beauty? Because the pattern does not meet our expectations, we fail to see His Hand in creating it? God help us. . .to see. . .

Needle and thread

Needle and thread

And here is just one aspect of what carries the weight of inside Glory into the wait outside the wall. . .

“YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT (weight of Glory). “

Have you ever received those words, intended to strengthen you? Have you ever offered those words, intended to express the weight of glory another carries? They are words that enlarge perspectives, change lives, shift Kingdom dynamics and pierce relationships with stitches of Glory. Stitches that piece color and pattern to resemble the face of Christ. And yes, the piercings of the wait/weight of Glory, draw blood. Life blood that heals and speaks Jesus.

Make it personal:

It’s worth waiting/weighting for your smile to return.

Even though they are late again,  he/she is worth the wait/weight.

The character in that child, is worth the wait/weight.

The wait/weight of disappointment is worth what comes.

Intimacy in marriage, is worth the weight/wait to trust.

Loneliness is worth the wait of companionship.

Questions to Ponder out with the Lord:

What carries a weight/wait in your life?

My response (I don’t have answers anymore, only humble responses): legacy of love

Do you tell God, He is worth the wait/weight of glory?

My response: Not yet 😦

Who, what, when and where for which you would wait/weight a lifetime?

My response: My Lord’s Embrace, A marriage that honors my husband, daughters that appreciate and encourage their differences in a sisterhood with the Lord, a best friend, to speak of word of Kingdom difference, To enter into the Kingdom as a child, Kingdom play, To share a life of joyful gratitude, Healing.

*”know, that you know, that you know” ~ Murphy Toerner/Murphism

6 thoughts on “Fabric of Friendship: A Stitch in Time

  1. Tracy, the wait/weight of His glory have come to truth for me from the many thoughts you have shared with me about Pure Heart. I am still working on it. I have started life mapping with Cindy Carrier.

    Miss you, Love Elaine

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