Sunday’s Showcase of Truth, July 21, 2013

Yes, today is Monday, not Sunday. And it is July 22, not the 21st.
I could not post the Truth yesterday. I will not enter into pretense with my Lord or with you. I saw it, the beauty brushed past me, the words rang empty. If I pretend with God, He knows better ;). If I pretend with you, we miss opportunities for Kingdom conversations and communion. 😦 You see, we are having a conversation here. It’s not one way as it appears. You are thinking, responding in your head and heart. Agreeing, disagreeing, stretching just a bit at best. And so, I’ve waited.

Remember, we talked about the importance of waiting/weighting. I believe God tells me my heart for His love letter to me is worth the wait/weight. I want to tell Him, His word is so special to me, I will not open the seal of His love until, I can take a shaky finger, at best, and touch His will for me. I was not waiting for my feelings, to come around, I was waiting for the Honor His penned Hand calls forth to move me. And I will wait to share with you until I can draw the deepest authenticity I have to offer to you of my journey, so it speaks into your journey, at some point, just maybe. . .

So here we are, and God used what He knew would keep calling me. A red balloon. Call me with childlike awe, trust and wonder. . .just crack those doors. . .into His presence.

1John 2:5

If I Could Speak Into Your Darkness With a Gift:    1John 2:5.

Psalm 118:29

If I Could Lift You Higher Into His Presence With a Thought: Psalm 118:29

1John 3:1

If I Could Lavish You With the Beauty of His Love, I’d Present a Bouquet of Fragrance 1John 3:1

Now. . .Pull One of These Gifts, drag it from my Blog to your desk top and email it/Pinterest it, to someone that needs to hear from God’s love letter and from YOU. Imagine if every reader did that, in that very moment, the heavens would shift with the love gifted through His Word.

Let's Talk. . .

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