Faith, Hope and Love: What Reflection is Mirrored?


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1 Corinthians

12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.

13 But now  faith hope love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

We are not meant to use the mirror to see who we are. . .but everyday we do.

Just how aware are you that you see in a mirror dimly?  Hot steamed mirror from the shower and everything looks distorted. Night comes and the mirror reflects darkened/shadowed images. A broken/shattered mirror reveals only shards of reflection.  We are created to look face to face, into the eyes of Jesus to be fully known. My mirrored reflection. . .It changes daily. (The Truth is, so does yours, but I cannot deny my changes because there is no where to hide.) When I look in the mirror what am I seeing?

A Faith distorted by disbelief.

A Hope darkened by medical “reality.”

A Love shattered in nightmares.

Joy and Happies to you too. 😉  (I’m learning to laugh at myself in my humanity!) These are my dim images, that do not reflect who, where or the whys of me. And this is about all of us. Not just my circumstance but yours. How is your faith distorted? What hope is struggling to survive right now in your life? When was your last nightmare so poignant you woke up to a love shaken by it’s images?

I look hard face on into the mirror of my moment for a Faith that will see me through. . .I look from the side into the mirror of my moment as I slip past for a Hope that will carry me. . .And I turn my head from the mirror of my moment because I reject the Love I see.

For the Christian, our mirrored reflections are layered and integrated with Faith, Hope and Love that create a divine mosaic dimly viewed through what we think reality is. . .

If we look only for Faith because that is where we believe our need resides, we miss Hope and Love. If we look only for Hope because that is what we think our need cries out for, we miss Faith and Love. Love becomes distorted if we are focusing on Faith or Hope. If we look for Love reflected, Faith and Hope are unveiled in our vision.

We make these discoveries through our mistaken identities. I made mine this weekend, as I realized in my mirrored moment, I was looking only for Hope. It was all I wanted to see. Yes, I denied God’s Truth to fit my broken emotional reflection. I almost let Love dim in looking so desperately for Hope. I was missing the reflection of my identity in Christ.

Face to Face with my Jesus, speaks Love and then Hope and Faith take their place in the reflection of my identity. It’s still a dim reflection. We cannot see the glory of Who He is in each of us.  Yet~

I’ve lived the best of my life, when I put on Love first. Love as I have known it is daily slipping from my hands. . . .I cannot stand to honor and greet with my hug (that pressed in with prayer). . .I cannot step into the threshold of someone’s life with a hot meal. . .I cannot speak encouragement in my voice (although I can still hear my voice in my head). . .I cannot tie a bow and tighten it with a press of prayer. . .I cannot worship with the same lift that had me jumping with joy. . .(tears). I hate this. I found great Joy in the Kingdom Play of who my Love was. . .I hate, hate, hate this. 😦

Redemption comes. . . God comes. . .A deeper press into Love comes cheek to cheek, I can plan love through a meal and other hands provide, I can encourage with a text/post/hold of hand, I can voice prayer in my heart in your presence, and I can worship soaking His Chest with tears of life, my head nestled close enough to feel His Heart beat louder than my loss. Faith and Hope are giving new depth as Love redefines it’s reflection.

Love is the greatest of them all.

If we chose to live out of and into Love, Hope and Faith will strengthen the branches of our tree of life, shading the Garden of Eden we can only dimly see.

My Love still has shade to give! Honestly, I believe that my branch of Love, now grows over the Garden Wall:

Into His Divine Garden of life where bluebirds nest, leaves unfurl to His Son, and a child swings high into the heavens.

What about your Love? Let Love reflect through you and watch Faith and Hope grow.

2 thoughts on “Faith, Hope and Love: What Reflection is Mirrored?

  1. Thank you Dana. To see and experience love, it indeed just a portion this side of the mirror. Thank you for reading and COMMENTING. You bless me. love, twe

  2. Who knows what the Lord of the Mirror sees when He looks His side of the mirror. His bride to be with a twinkle all the hope faith and love that we have only a portion of on this side of the mirror. I see your love love dana

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