Beside Still Waters. . .

What a beauty captured here. . .

Michael Sowa German Artist Visit: Visit

Michael Sowa German Artist
Visit: Visit

This post is dedicated to my husband, Bucky. For the strength he offers night and day in the chilled challenge of my disease.

Art, Music, Dance, Plays, Musicals, Great Films, Books, most creative forms of expression draw me out and in. . .I’m keenly aware of coming outside of my own perspective and entering an enlightened vision of another’s imagination. If used for His Glory, these expressions broaden my sense of Who God is, Who I am and How another sees/experiences their world.

First thought I had beyond the peace and beauty of this amazing vision and gifted talent, was of my husband and the little girl inside of me.

Here is the strength of my husband pictured out as this burly bear, walking with slow, steady, gentleness to allow my hand to rest on the nap of his neck for guidance, banking me from falling into the chilly water. I’m not blonde, but I live that hair crowned life through two of my daughters. 😉 This speaks to my little girl, against this big, bad, cold/winter world that lets people get sick and love suffer the cost.

Michael Sowa calls me, through this canvased expression, into  the knowledge of God’s Word,  to the still waters of Psalm 23,

where strength and vulnerability walk in pace with His restoration of beloved companionship.

We are all called to walk with one another, in strength and stillness for our Lord.

Welcome Readers: Brazil and Hungary. I hope you will be blessed ♥


10 thoughts on “Beside Still Waters. . .

  1. P.S. Tracey,
    Do you know about the blog Unshakeable Hope about a lovely man who has ALS? If you would like to check it out, if you haven’t already, just google
    About Bill Unshakeable Hope. His blog is always uplifting and inspiring.

    • Hi Nin. Thank you for reading and blessing my post with your comment. I was and still am so taken with this painting. A picture’s worth a thousand words! love, twe

  2. So beautiful! Reminds me of my parents as they walked through my mom’s illness…you are giving your girls a beautiful living portrait of what marriage truly is. Nothing is wasted in our God’s economy – not even disease. You are beautiful Tracey.

  3. You are too sweet. I will be your teddy bear or grizzly bear. Whatever is necessary to serve you….Your blessed husband……Bucky

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