The Reflecting Pool

Author’s pre-note

God gave me a vision, seven years ago, of the tears of Jesus . The magnitude that reflects the beauty of the world and the depth of pain. I saw a huge tear. prismed to facet out our lives,  Interestingly, so God, it is the warm waters of the pool that give me life now. Amazing,  the mystery of our God.  Here you have my inept attempt to capture just one tear drop in my hand:

Jesus Wept.

There is a Reflecting Pool

No one knows the breadth nor depth of the water in the pool.
The pool contains pure water of a dream that began before time.
The water in the pool is also saturated with salt from the earth.
Clear as darkened glass, it rests in what will be done.

The pool reflects many things. Some people see earthly things like trees and sky.
Some people see the surface dance with joy when the wind teases in the stillness.
Some people feel the heat of day and long for water.
Their thirst drives them to cup some in their hand and drink.
The taste of salt is too strong for some, and they turn and walk away.

Some feel the desire to explore the depths of the pool.
Diving into the smooth surface awakens them to what lies below.
The water soothes, cools, and draws in the body.
The depths put pressure in the descent.
The need for air call one to ascent to the surface.
It is the heart that must hear a deeper call to immersion.

As the pressure externalizes pain there is a divination in the clearing.
An infinite realm in the distance summons with silence.
A castle door stirs the senses as a winding pathway enamors the spirit.
Lustrous spires and stained glass creations glisten in
brightened silvers, golds and rubied reds.
Vespered light is filtered from above to illuminate a kingdom come.

There is only one heart empowered to encompass the realm in its entirety.
A prophesied kingdom where salt water and holy water met in the heart of the King:
The divine compassion of the One heartbroken with the humanity of loss.
Jesus wept kingdom-sized grief that trickled its way into His eyes.

There is a reflecting pool.
In the facets of His tears, it is your reflection that emerges, one gem at a time.

Tracey Warren Elofson, September 2006
Romans 8:39, Matt. 5:13, 1 Cor. 13:12, Matt. 6:10, John 11:35

Author’s post-note:

This was shared at a Creative Workshop with our Church seven years ago. God was my audience of One. Or so I told myself. It was a season in which my speaking voice was an instrument meant for His Glory. It is my hope I honored my Lord with inflection that mirrored the reflection in His tears.

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3 thoughts on “The Reflecting Pool

  1. Tracey,
    This is beautiful! Jesus wept. Amen. I never want to bring a tear to His eye because of my lack of faith. Help me Jesus from here to eternity.

    Thank you for the follow. Have a blessed day. You are in the palm of His hand.

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