Hedge Hog Heaven

This Post is dedicated to my oldest daughter Hope, and what it takes to maintain some kind of sanity in medical school!!!

One of the things I learned too late in life, is that I take myself too seriously. Am I going to admit this to the Blog World, it was all about me? Uh Oh! (Hope, I’m not the only one!)  My feelings, how the world/people affected me and how I was gonna cope. . .

Well, life is meant to be taken lightly, in the sense that God’s Weight of Glory is what carries the weight, not me. (Although this high protein/high fat ALS diet is making me a more like Winnie The Pooh.)

Today,  we are just going to have some fun and take the light side of life. Read on to see what my daughter, Hope in the weight of a second year of medical school, is doing to further her education.

She has to take a break sometime!! In her spare time (HA!), she is looking up new pets! Hedge Hogs, it appears is the new pet on the market. Buy them only from breeders, they are only $300 dollars and they house train like cats to a litter box.

Perhaps many of us have something in common with the hedge hog? Prickly on the outside, soft under belly and we curl up like balls when we are scared, leaving our sharp stickies to ward off danger? It’s cute and ugly at the same time! LOL I’m seeing more in common than I’d care to admit here! LOL

The good news is it is a friend of hers who is looking to get one, but now Hope has me watching these critters taking a bath on you tubes. (They use a toothbrush to scrub them clean TMI ;)) (What we do to connect with our children!) I don’t think, much to Bucky and Ashlyn’s relief, I will be buying one any time soon! (But the thought has crossed my mind! ;))

Always Lessons to Learn:

1. Connect with your children, young adults with what they are doing.

2. Ward off danger with self-protection

3. Show your soft under belly in safe/trusted places

4. Enjoy God’s nature in it’s complexities and range of creation (hedge hog to giraffe, WHO but our God could come up with such things! 😉

5. What a few moments of tenderness can do with our day? I would love to be that hand, touching that soft fur! I would never forget the feel. . .pet therapy at it’s best!

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