This Love Doesn’t Run by Carrie Roberts

This Post is dedicated to the hearts broken from relationships that have failed to “stay”
I know too many of you out there hurting, desperately. I’m so sorry!!! I understand, in the sense that my circumstances are heart breaking and I often want to run from myself 😦 I am in prayer for those of you I know that have love that has been “misplaced” (God said, very clearly to me just now, “Don’t you say lost! Love is not lost from those that believe in me.”)

And so to each of you that is grieving, love that is “misplaced,” I say, it won’t stay this hard. Hold on. God put’s pressure on our woundings to stop the profuse bleeding and the pressure hurts, but it’s for our own good. It is life saving. As healing comes, and bleeding eases, less pressure is required by His gentle Hand and the weight of the pain lifts. Hold on. It won’t stay this hard.

You see, no matter, what the wounding, the picture of your circumstance, the depth of your betrayal, or loss,

God’s Love Doesn’t Run

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