The Reflecting Pool Part II

Dedicated to the physical and occupational therapists and Exercise Physiologists that work so hard every week to get me in the water and to keep me safe, Alanna, Sheree, Jane, Gretta. Thank you for your commitment to my health and well being.

For those of you who don’t know, I have ALS. I cannot move my legs and have limited use of my arms. I am incredibly vulnerable in this post. I’m inviting  you into my private world. My therapy world yes, but more significant that that. . .my God world. Where I find hope. Where fear meets life and freedom splashes,  swirls and sends out ripples of movement. Enter with care 🙂

It brings life. Warm water welcomes me into His sacred immersion. I find bi-weekly Baptism, new life in Him and as brain can connect to muscles for stimulation, circulation, and co-ordination. It’s a spiritual connection time for me in that I can put myself where and how God calls me to be, but only He can take the muscles and cellular nerve connection that creates health.

So it’s the only time my muscles are finally able to respond to the million of messages fired every day from my mind. Think about the miracle of that dynamic and the simple, yet highly profound, privileged freedom to move arms and legs. The simple grace of swirls, pedals, currents of warmth that come as I work balance with movement that bathes all my senses with an awareness of wellness. Alanna tells me movement is medicine, “it’s just finding the right dose for each patient.” 🙂

It’s quiet, but each visit is a miracle. It depends on my conviction to go, help to get ready, transportation and the a lift in and out of the pool and supervision in the pool. I count each one a miracle, and I do give that kind of gratitude to the opportunity.

So I reflect in the miracle of water and it’s gentle challenges as it encourages and the body responds to a low impact, smooth motion exercise. In addition to the spiritual bath God offers, practical application to my condition is: the water offers a natural opposition to breathing (so it giving my respiratory system a different work out than on land), the circulation exercise keeps me off blood thinners for blood clots, good cardio work out, muscle memory and keeping muscles engaged and an emotional sense of well-being. On an average day it takes 5 people to get me ready, drive me and get me in the water.

Father God, thank you for providing this beautiful warm pool and these trained professions that take on our challenge for my health each week. Than you,, Papa was making the most of my time in the warm water physically, emotionally and spiritually. May we Glorify you and make living water in every exchange. In the Name of Your Son, whose first miracle was with water (into wine), I give you a heart full of gratitude. Amen

I’ve saved the best for last, and that’s you! !here is at least one thing God placed in your life. . .  Who has God placed that gives you life? A life giving dynamic that stirs freedom, delight, goodness, insights, fun, soy. . .That brings God in up close and personal that is His Best for you. God is waiting for you to open His Gift? Can you imagine Him watching you with great expectations? “Will my son see it? Will my daughter walk past it? Will it catch her precious eye? Will he slow down long enough to open it? Will the sun set and my offering of life still go without notice? And God might say to you. . .I’m waiting. . .

“I wait because communion with my gift of goodness with you is worth my wait/weight. . .”

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