Welcome Home

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Let’s talk. I have a personal story I want to share with you, get in your favorite chair, a hot cup of coffee/tea and open your heart. I’ve not shared this with anyone. It’s one of my God secrets. But God told me it’s time to share some of our adventures together, so here we go.

I once met a single woman, and I felt struck at my knees. Some of you may think I’m crazy (it does not really matter what you think of me, just get a God-Thing with it), love struck me down. I really did feel unstable. . .And I heard God just whisper, “you are gonna love this one . . . .well.” So, I’m trying to maintain polite conversation while I’m wishing I could sit down with a cool wash cloth to my forehead. After finishing an introduction, I turned quickly to conceal my face. I had no idea if it was ashen white or beat red.

There have been lots of ins and outs (get it? In and out of doors ;)) with this friendship, but God kept my toe just inside the threshold, to my delight, because frankly, any involvement on my part, and I could experience HIS SHEER DELIGHT FOR THIS WOMAN. There has been lots of Kingdom Play along the way, but I want to share our, Welcome Home Story.

I pulled into her driveway, thrilled she was not home to leave a little something at her back door. I felt God say, “Put it in park, we have work to do.” It was quiet with no words from Him. . .And then I sensed a vision unfolding, with Him inside her home. Waiting for her, like an expectant young bridegroom. . .to swept her off her feet. I could envision our Jesus peering through her door curtain. . . .It was one of the most beautiful God-moments I’ve had. . .I was taken in by the moment she would step through the threshold of His life for her. (It still brings sweet tears to my eyes.) I prayed into this divine dynamic I was witnessing in His supernatural realm. He never asked me to share this with her. I don’t know what God did with it in her regard. I just relished my part in the play.

We left and shared a quiet drive home in which He spoke to me about thresholds. (That will have to be a different post ;)) But the point of this post is His: Welcome Home. How we are welcomed home, means everything. It’s our re-entry from the world. Chances are our day has had it’s share of challenges. God is waiting with open arms to swoop you up, yes you guys too! And herein is our opportunity. . .are we aware of our re-entry into His embrace?

What kind of welcome home ambassador are you for a friend, a child, a spouse, family? That moment is sacred transition and sets the tone for the evening. What little things can you do make it special? Light a candle? Write a note on the door? “Close your eyes” and pop a favorite candy in their mouth. Take time to look them in the eyes. Smell of warm baked cookies when they walk in the door? Bread maker warm bread? Or a quick bread like banana bread? Worship music on? A warm blanket around their shoulders? Small vase with roses? What about clapping? Why not?

Welcome Home  ~  God

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. What a beautiful reminder…just like you reminded me a while back to sit still and listen to all the voices in my house. It is a constant goal now to stop and watch and listen. Life doesn’t get better than those moments! 😘

    • Hey Jessica, And the hubby or child that walks into home one day, changes the next. It’s never the same sacred transition 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and all you do for Kathleen 🙂 twe

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