What I Miss? What I Don’t Miss?

What I Miss: This could be tooooo long, so put on your red cape, and we’ll take a short cut through the woods together. cute-pug-dog-sad-face-crying

(Random order)

Kingdom Play (did I sometimes look foolish for Jesus, I hope so!)

Hanging up ironed shirts (thank you Velma) by colors (I know I spoiled Bucky, don’t read this men)

Being in the Kitchen Doing for the Girls and catching their lives (some things I pretended NOT to hear!)

Ministry Things (even when an explosion cut out the electricity just two hours pre-conference!)

Folding Warmed Towels (triple fold the only way, right mom?)

Rocking Babies Long Past When They Are Asleep with damp heads on my arm (the secret is their comfort put me to sleep)

Comfort Food Served by My Hand (that does not count burned rolls or under-cooked chicken fingers :()

The Intimacy of Handwriting (I never had the beautiful handwriting I wanted until I took the leisure course on calligraphy and found a temporary love!)

The Feel of Grass Under My Feet (as long as I did not step in dog poop!)

Using My Voice as an Instrument (God forgive the echoes of a clanging cymbal!)

What I Don’t Miss: happy_face-at_desert

Any Standard of Style.              Who cares? I’m clean with a splash of color.

“Mom, you are wearing that?!” Comments

Being Cut-Off in Traffic !!!          There are not too many psycho wheel chair drivers and traffic jams

Rabbit Food for Lunch.       Calorie counting with salads, salads, salads.

Chasing Dust Balls for Exercise.       Now I lounge in a heated pool (not exactly)

Choosing a pair of shoes  from my array of color and seasonal selections.                One Pair matches all! My AFOs!

The “What’s for dinner, honey?”

Things getting lost in my closet.        Simplicity       Simplicity        Simplicity

The need for make up.            Only do that on occasion for Hope.

Pretense.           My body won’t let me.

Hair perfection.          oh, well, too bad, get over it!!!

Standing in long lines with stressed out people!!!

Chasing Mollie out the door again!     You are part of the family if you’ve been the victim of her cunning game.

Getting Up Early.           I only managed civility before 1:00pm

P.S. We’ve got to take ourselves lightly so we fly through some of this foggy ground cover to better heights!

14 thoughts on “What I Miss? What I Don’t Miss?

  1. Love your post today! Very appropriate with the start of the holiday season. I want simplicity, taking in the joy of the season so that I can love others with the love Christ has given me! Thank you for sharing! I miss snuggling with my children while reading them bible stories, and I don’t miss feeling like I have to do everything perfectly during the Christmas season. I am shaking off that notion, and focusing only on fulfilling Christ’s purposes for me. Love you!!

    • Thank you Kris Ann, we all have misbeliefs that need a good shaking off. . .a good vigorous shake like a furry dog shakes his coat to get rid of the water in his soaked coat! Shake, Shake, Shake. Always appreciate you picking up a word or two to ponder 🙂 love muchly, twe

  2. You are positioning me to enjoy life and the small things that I take for granted-love ya much-jeff

  3. Tracey, I recently found your blog. What a love you pour on all who surround you. I am blessed to be able to share your thoughts with my friends. And yes, you probably did spoil Bucky with the color coded shirts. Looking forward to your next installment.

    Carolyn Solar

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